Sticky And Mini Apples

31 Oct 2020 – Indian Heritage Centre

Tue: senior grocery day at the local MT Giant with 0.80c savings. Do not need to go to the main Giant@Tampines every week, ~once or twice a month is enough. Watching these TV series can be additive for me, tend to binge-watch wanting to know what happens next, and not good to be sitting in front the screen all day – will probably get Lucific withdrawal soon, hahaha

Wed: when you received a message – he refuses to eat, or let anyone eat the last ones, its time to find Sticky, even when it takes 3different buses to unfamiliar industrial estate!

Used to be able to get these at CathayCineleisure on Orchard and would usually get them before my trips back to Norway&USA. They are one of the nice little gifts made in SIN to get for kids. Not sure if this last one was the one I got at MBS when the family was visiting in Feb? 

Fun to discover new grounds with sweet thoughts. Was informed by the sales ppl that the only other place to get them was at some Korean Restaurant in ClarkQuay. Snail-mail will not get these to Norway&USA in time for Halloween, but hopefully will get there for the holiday season. 
Campers new window display – Calvin is now into cycling.
Thu: 1st visit to this $21-million Indian Heritage Centre (2015) and was fortunate to be the only visitor, nice&quiet exactly how I like it even when only the 4&5 levels are opened to public.
Random pix from the lobby and Level-4
Travel accessories, correspondences+documents
A view from Level-4 down to Level-3.
My 1st time seeing a typewriter with Tamil characters.
Entrance to Level-3
Would not like to hug or get into a flight with someone wearing this metal belt/Oddiyanam, but it would be another story if it was gold with precious stones! This Fireman’s Helmet gives hard-hat another perspective!
Wonder if the Pearly Gates is anything like this Mother of Pearl Doors? Overdosing on Lucifer??
Am I the only one who finds it odd that Heaven has gates? What kind of neighborhood is Heaven in – Jim Gaffigan
Soaking in the ambience before Deepavali/12Nov – no intentions of being in this area area until after the Festival of Lights are over.
And to fill the craving of ChickenBriyani@Tekka for this year.
Annual Deepavali pix taken in the middle of the road crossing and looks like someone else in this pix got the same idea!
Fri: these mini produces are perfect for my portion&taste, no need to waste and always fresh. The mini Romaine lettuce are amazing as they can keep fresh&crisp for up to 2weeks in the fridge (ie if you know how to store them), and they are good&refreshing for wrapping all kinds of everything to make a delicious light meal/snack. Today I discovered these mini apples from NZ, absolutely deliciously crisp, small cores, sweet&juicy, not usually a fan of apples, but these will make me one even when they are S$6.50 for 5.  
If Adam and Eve were Chinese we would still be in paradise, because they would had eaten the snake instead of the apple.
Sat: Happy Halloween – Trick or Treat🎃 Enjoy your last Oct2020 day. Appreciations to Les&Ivy for yummy BahKutTeh 肉骨茶=meat bone tea+side dishes&condiments in good company of 3gen, Clement, Daisy & Darryl. Dinner delivered by Old Tiong Bahru BakKutTeh

Sat31Oct2020: WorldOmeter of COVID-19 deaths are as follow:

SIN/pop 5.6+mil in an area of 721SqKm – 28
SC/USA/pop 5+mil in an area of 82, 932SqKm – 3,896
Norway/pop 5.3+mil in an area of 365,268SqKm – 282

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