Jurassic Mile

20 Nov 2020 – Dinosaurs For My 3Grandsons

Tue: grocery@local Giant&NTUC with SSavings of S$1+

Wed: hair cut, the last one was ~2months ago. Today decided to have the shortest cut ever, like that it takes less than 5mins to dry in the air and the feeling of a lighter head! Dinner at Jo’s with Les&Ivy – 7dishes+home-made TurnipCake LoBakGo/蘿蔔糕to take home. Tried to FaceTime with #6 but the connection was so bad that we had to give up – oh well, another time.

Thu: headed out to the airport on bus36, and what a sad sight in T2. Have never seen SIN airport so empty&lifeless. Following the signs to the new Hub&SpokeCafé from the basement up the elevator to Level3 was a maze thru ‘barricaded ghost town, then down to Level1 – not a good way to follow – do NOT recommend this way!

Getting there by way of a car is the easiest option: drop off at the open-air SouthCarPark and pop right by the café. From the bus-stop, walk down the length of the now-closed T2 on Level1. It’s a strange journey – one filled with dimly lit corridors&empty arrival hall. From the coach&drop-off entrance, heading to the bicycle lockers and straight down that kinda back-lane feeling – must have walk~1k before getting to where I really want to be!

Hub&SpokeCafé: the surroundings of lovely greens&flora (ArundinaGraminifolia, also known as BambooOrchid, is a robust and forgiving plant that is easier to care) is a contrast to the hard concrete leading me here.

VandaMissJoaquim, SIN national flower; CouroupitaGuianensis, CannonBall tree with their lovely flowers on the trunk and the world’s most dangerous fruit from SIN!


Good idea that with the rental bicycles@GoCycling where you can rent here and return at other locations. Started at 1000hrs, from here ~2k to the JurassicMile.

Path should be wide enough as long as ppl keep to single-files, especially when meeting opp traffic. A sign that I usually snap on the bus when I return from my long-overseas stay, not happy to see all the grounded SIA planes, but the sunflowers give me hope that it will be better times soon.

An empty T4car-park and colourful set-up for the carnival starting on Thanksgiving in time for the school holidays. The Dino-Kart looks fun, but not at the thought of crowds. Bus36 stops by the carpark here, might be brave enough to take a trip, but, will turn around if the crowds are too much. For those who only want to do the JurassicMile, you can by-pass all the above route and start here. https://mothership.sg/2020/11/dinosaur-carnival-changi-airport-terminal-4/

On to the Jurassic Mile

The baby dinosaurs and Velociraptors have convinced me that they, too like me, are no fans of golf!

Apatosaurus long-neck stretch over the newly installed nets.


Triceratops/3-horned-face, Ankylosaurus/FusedLizard, Brachiosaurus/ArmLizard.

Stegosaurus/RoofedLizard, Parasaurolophus/NearCrestedLizard – strange that they are lizards considering the sizes of them! Better be correct with these names or I’ll get a ear-full from #3 – hahaha

My 3grandsons would have enjoyed this mile, especially with Tyrannosaurus rex/T-Rex, king of the dinosaurs and the most ferocious predators to ever walk the Earth – even that did not prevent some ppl to try sit on it! https://mothership.sg/2020/10/jurassic-mile-tiktok/

Hub&Spoke-JurassicMile-ChangiAirportConnector-ChangiCoastalParkConnector new to me ~5k done from the T2BusStop to until when we join the old connector.

Plants on this new section and sighting of a couple of fighter-jet landings.

Back to more familiar paths on ECP@AreaH

Been awhile since I took to these paths@Areas F-H, but do remember that there will be no buses until AreaF. These roots seemed to be taking over the grounds soon! It has been weird to not hear the planes on this stretch of the walk, saw&heard only one – JetStar!

When the bougainvilleas are in bloom, this BougainvilleaGarden is a stunning sight – today, ice-cold virgin Mojito hits the spot while waiting for bus36 (the only bus here) at~1330hrs to get our lunch@MarineT – after ~10+k walk in ~3hrs including photo-stops. Appreciations to AudreyM&her auntieVivien for today’s company.


Thanks to Theresa&ChengJun for another HairyCrab dinner with Les&Ivy and this special well-matched HuaTiaoChiew, 花雕酒. Theresa from HKG, like MayYung is an excellent cook and was introduced to her yummy home-made ShanghaiWonton. 

Could not resist a bite of dessert, StrawberryShortcake from Dulcet&Studio. Some of these Japanese pastry are so delicate&light, it just melts in your mouth. Thank you for this whole PandanChiffon to take away.

Fri: TGIF, a day to rest and also need today to figure out yesterday’s pix for this posting – time-consuming, laborious&tedious, needed a nap in between!