Ellen Annemor Hald (1924-2020)

 14 Jan 2020 – A Very Sad Weekend

Sat: condolences to the HALD Family for the passing of their mother, grandmother&great-grandmother, age 94 – L&M’s paternal grandmother. Have known Ellen Annemor Hald (1924-2020) since 1968 and no matter how sad I am now, I know it must be even more difficult for her family, especially for L&M who adore their grandmother – prayers&thoughts are with them for the loss of this gracious lady whom I highly admire&respect.


1968: she was 43 and given birth to Cathrine (finally a daughter after 4boys!) that same year when we first met. Was just about to turn 19, 1st Christmas with snow and 1st time in Tromsø will always be remembered fondly. Some may say that there are no perfect marriages, but to me, Ellen&JohnIII are as close to a perfect couple as possible, JohnIII passed away in 2008.

L&M are totally blessed with such grandparents and I with them as parents-in-laws and even remain friends when they became my ex-in-laws. Last met with Ellen in Sep2019 when I made a point to stay longer than usual in Tromsø then, hoping that it will not be the last time, but alas it was the last time.

15Jan: edited with obituary, tkx to May&Unni.


Today is a real downer and it is seldom that I admit to such days. To add to the somber mood, there is a wake going on downstairs in the communal hall.

SIN former chief justice YONG PungHow (pix downloaded) passed on aged 93. He was vice-chairman of OCBC in 1978 and knew father. Being pragmatic, he announced the abolition of the traditional wigs worn by judges and lawyers, and the use of archaic terms of address for judges of the Supreme Court such as My Lord or Your Lordship.


Sultan Qaboos of Oman, Arab world’s longest-serving ruler, died aged 79. Using its oil wealth, he drew Oman into the modern world and brought its people prosperity and was indeed a good wise man. Pix downloaded.


Irish friend, Mick celebrated his 70Bday today in hospital and prayers&thoughts are out to him for a speedy recovery.

Sun: a quiet weekend to mourn over the passing of an amazing lady, but also to reflect on how she brought joy to her family&friends, and to be thankful that such a person crossed this life journey – may she now RIP. Real ladies&gentlemen are far&few in between and Ellen&JohnIII are among the very few.

Appreciations for a supply of the Lemon Flavour PerrierWater& Bundaberg-GingerBeer, some of my favourite beverages.

A virtuous woman is not moved by big names and flamboyance, but only men of profound wisdom and integrity move her ― Michael Bassey Johnson

Mon: delivered CDs to Ivy@Les’s clinic and chicken rice lunch@ChinChin, tkx to Clem. These beautiful lights caught my eyes and decided to pop into this Louis Poulson shop to admire them – the most precious light is the one that visits you in your darkest hour and if you refuse that light, darkness takes over, no matter how beautiful a light may be. Sadly Ari Behn was unable to refuse the darkness on Christmas Day 2019.

May the glorious light brighten your path. May you find renewed energy, courage and hope to pursue new adventures

After a downer weekend, today is an appropriate time to watch this documentary@the library before starting to wander into Chinatown to soak in the ambiance before the CNY rush.

Tue: what a delicious home-made Italian lunch to end the last day of my 60s, thank you – Buon Appetito.

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