First Day of 2020

1 Jan 2020 – Happy New Year

Fri: TGIF for the last 2019 Fri and this is what it looks like in both my mind and my working space! Need to cool&calm the mind with some T-breaks in a less messy section of the 4-walls.

Sat: going thru’ to-do list(s) before 2019 is over and this lamp popped into the FB Memories. Have been eyeing it when I first set eyes on it some years ago@NationalDesignCentre

Finally bought it last year, not@NationalDesignCentre but online where it was more affordable for my pockets! Hoping that this will keep shinning with many more bright creative ideas for the future as like any closed-book or mind, it will not shine when it is not open! Was hoping to attend the concert@Amerian Church tonight, but forgot to get a ticket until it was too late – tkx to AudreyM for stopping by.

Sun: this is the location where most of SIN helpers from the Philippines frequent on Sundays. Prayers&thoughts to the victims&their families. Please take care and be safe. This is just too close to Les’s old clinic@MtE, he has since moved to FarrerPk nearly a year ago now. Pix downloaded from ST.

Mon: as the curtains draw to a close for 2019, enjoy whatever sweet resolutions of your choice. 2020 will be a start to a new year&a new decade to make better&sweeter choices, hopefully.

Rosalind asked: where is this place with all the sweet temptations?! no way the curtain is closing on this one….hope they realise that white sugar is unhealthy and cut down on white sugar and sweetener and substitude this with dark brown sugar. Some times when it is less sweet, it taste just as nice if not nicer!!

My answer: actually 2places – the drinks from Al-Azhar/Geylan and the cakes of some pastry place in one of the malls@PayaLebar. Just took the pix for the variety&colours and not sure about the taste, but everything to moderation. Enjoying my walks back in SIN to soak in the food cultures by taking pix so that I can remember.

Tue: Giant@Tampines via the free shuttle from Bedok for the last 2019-Tue senior grocery shopping (3%discount). The crowds were not as bad as expected, perhaps it was bc I was there in the morning&out of there by 1300hrs. Arr back to find that workmen were painting the floor on the landing and do I look forward to seeing the end of this. Thank goodness for one of the workers who helped me get back to my 4-walls or the grocery, especially the prawns would have gone off if I had to wait for an hour!

First time seeing these raw red prawns with huge heads from Argentina. They are usually S$29.90perkilo, today 50% off, bought 10 for S$11.24 to try. Strangely, the colour before cooking was more vibrant. The shells are like other prawn shells are perfect&tasty to make broth with. Edited: verdict – not so crunchy as I have hoped!

Appreciations to Pat for this yummy BBQ@OwlsBrew on the eve of 2020 and Happy Bday to Ann. At this stage in life, can hardly keep my eyes open&sleep is more important to me than to ring in the new year, so goodnight for now and tomorrow will be another year.

Wed: downloaded 2pix and combine it to one to make this New Year’s greetings&message as meaningful as it can be to start off 2020 and a new decade. A Blessed 2020 ahead and Peace to All – Happy New Year, Bliain nua shona, Godt nytt år, Selamat tahun Baru, 新年快乐 (CNY is on 25Jan).

Past and Present I know well; each is a friend and sometimes an enemy to me. But it is the quiet, beckoning Future, an absolute stranger, with whom I have fallen madly in love ― Richelle E. Goodrich

2 – Happy Bday Darryl

5 – Happy Bdays Gerald  & Leonard

6 – Happy Bday Cindy

9 – Happy Bdays Judy & Lee

10 – Happy Bday KeeYang

11 – Happy Bday Mick

15 – Happy Bdays Angie  & me!

18 – Happy Bday Isabelle (SunSun)

19 – Happy Bday Kari

21 – Happy Bday Michael

22 – Happy Bday Katy

24 – Happy Bdays 15thUncle  and Ole K