T’is The 2015 Season…

19 Dec 2105 – … To Be Jolly

ffcb407f91_345x518_886c64faa2Thu: Saw Snoopy And Charlie Brown – The Peanuts Movie (2015)***movie yesterday. Based on Charles M. Schulz’s comic strip ‘Peanuts, this 3D animated comedy film focuses on Snoopy and his friendship with his human best friend, Charlie Brown. When a ‘Little Red-Haired Girl’ moves into their neighbourhood, a smitten Charlie, along with the help of Snoopy, embarks on new activities in hopes of getting her attention. More a fan of Charles Schutz’s comic strip than the movie which has a good message!



Edited – looks like I have missed the write-up for the National Design Centre at Middle Rd – this place has a nice indoor and outdoor cafe and worth the time to check it out. Accidentally stumbled into the ‘UNAGING’ talks and found it rather interesting. Being the eldest person there, the subject was quite appropriate 🙂


Nice to meet up with Henry for a drink at Victoria Bar, Hotel InterContinental. Tkx for taking time off your busy work schedule to catch up, Henry.


Fri: went around taking pix of decorated Christmas trees in SIN many years ago and made it into a game to guess where the trees are located. This year will just download this site and enjoy it with the music. Just show how age has caught up and getting to lazy to even take out more than the basic decorations, ie the advent calendar and a new music box. The host of angels and family pix are on the piano all year round…




Welcome back to SIN, Kitty from Sierra Leon/Africa and Beng from Melbourne/Australia. Their mother Mrs Eu, lives just down the road from me. Good to meet his family from Australia. Kitty and Beng crossed my path in Dublin days. She used to teach me music and I used to baby-sit her kids, but that was another lifetime ago 🙂

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Delightful pre-Christmas gathering with Yoshie, Seb and Adrian. With thoughts of L&M and their families I bought a bottle of the 2015 Nouvean Beaujolais, the holidays have now official started 🙂 Tkx guys for fixing my computer and to Yoshie for the lovely flowers.

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TGIF and the last Friday before Christmas. A good weekend to all and some thoughts into the holiday season…

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