6 Dec 2015 – Hello December


Tue: safe and sound in HKG and taking the A11 bus (HK$40 S$7+) from the airport into town. My Octopus card is till good to last me this trip. When I was first here years ago, used to wonder how people could live like packed like sardines and now it is happening in SIN!


Enjoying a simple bowl of yummy wonton noodles at my familiar joint Kings Cafe. Rosedale Hotel  (3nights S$302) located just a few blocks from where I used to stay when visiting and knowing this area makes life easy to be here, tkx to Henry.


Even know where to drop off my bag of laundry and took pix from the Central Library located a block from the hotel. Tkx for supper Harry and for drinks, Johnny.


Wed: good to see JohnC & Rebecca and to meet their grandson. Tkx for lunch at the MeiFoo area.



Exhibition in the library and views outside. Do like this area.


12295424_10153272301654142_8210018922967501338_nIMG_7438Yummy dinner at CRC, tkx to Richard. Glad that Johnny could join us in spite of his busy work schedule. Good to meet Golf who is visiting from Thailand.

Appreciations for a nightcap at Johnny’s place – got to say hello to LokLok, the best trained and disciplined pet-dog that has crossed my path!


Thu: tkx Harry for arranging this lovely hike at the SaiKung East County Park. Nice to meet Magne from Norway and Lynda from France.


Déjà vu with Section 2 of the MacLehose Trail and thought of Grace…


Appreciations to Magne for sharing this link and of course it took me much longer time to hike this 16.29k. We started after 1300hrs and did not get back to the road until 2000hrs and that includes 2 breaks.


Since we were in SaiKung, had to show Magne all the seafood places.


Fri: breakfast with PP before she takes off. Packing oh packing why do I dread you so?? Checked out by 12n and bus E11 (HK$21 S$3+) to the airport took 1+hr. Tkx David for taking time to dine with me at the airport before riding the Tiger.