What 70 Feels Like

17 Jan 2020 – Starting 70s In A New Decade

Wed: am not sure how I felt when I woke to my 70bday? Somehow 70 seems ancient, but yet I do not feel ancient yet! Is this the case of the mind telling the body otherwise?? Am still going thru’ grieving over Ellen’s passing and was just so emotional&overwhelmed when I received a bouquet with a message from the HALDs in Tromsø –  Mor would have loved to say congratulations to you too – we were talking to her about your upcoming big day and the flowers were one of her last requests – thoughtful even up to her ending days.

Would not have pull thru’ today without tears if not for CNYgoodies from@Fullerton and dinner@UOB

A short walk thru’ these excising ppl by the river

Dinner@SiChuanDouHua Restaurant on the 60Level of UOB, good food with fantastic view

Appreciations and thank you for wonderful company, delicious foods&drinks+flower to start the celebrations into my 70s. Let the celebrations begin…

Thu: and the celebrations continue@Camper’s, tkx to Calvin&Helen for more yummy foods – appreciations for the good company of Sam, Chris, Yani, PengHann&family, Sophia, Pat, Andy, Dennis, SengHock, Yoshie, nephew Ray&Eve and Henry (who was MIA for a while and I was having concerns). Pix credits to Helen.

Fri: TGIF and a day to wander into Chinatown to avoid being there the last week next week before the CNY. Here to prosperity for the preparations for Year of the Rat from these deities (credits to Yoshie). Thank you to Henry for the WuLou=the giver of life also goes by the name of a Calabash or Gourd in English.

Power deities, for all their strength, are very much like humans, They are subjects to periods of despair and are not free from the crippling consequences of emotions, For over two decades Tibetans were forbidden from holding any religious ceremonies or prayers. No prayer flags, incense or ceremonies were offered to the deities and demi-gods of the region. This neglect broke their hearts and they became bedraggled and weak ― Tsering W Dhompa

In Chinatown at dusk, early enough for a fast bite without too much of a line and a quick walk thru the vendors,

before the Rat Race, and then it was time to race out for one who is NO fan of such races! As it is, have seen most of the vendors over the years.

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  1. Courage and strength! You can get up and over yet another hill in this life.

    • Thank you for your encouraging words. Grieve takes time and yes will hopefully get to yet another hill and climb over it too. And that is what Ellen would have liked to see me do…

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