1 Sep 2019 –  Nattevandring i Tromsø – Night Walk In Tromsø

Fri: TGIF – getting laundry, etc done before going out to play for the last weekend of my stay here.

Sat: waking up to cloudy&wet weathers, still uncertain about tonight’s night-walk but preparing to go if the weather clears. Morning walk into town at the farmers market to discover that my umbrella broke and my raincoat is getting to be not so effective. This used book-store was a good place to be while waiting for the rains to give way. Decided to take the bus back and here is the most appropriate time to apply this saying –  There is no bad weather, only inappropriate clothing…

The weather cleared for me to walk into town again, mainly downhill, explains the problems with knees! App 15mins to walk into town, but at least 30mins to walk back up the hills (10mins on the bus). From this rainbow, you will certainly find the pot of gold as it ended in the bank or you can look at it at another angle that it started at the bank but did not quite reach the church – but got to the start up of this event with the band just setting up.

1600hrs and this events starts at 1900hrs. Besides the band set-up, there was no one else in the square with Tromsdalstinden’s top (1,328m), still covered with clouds when I started.

Having the weather on my side, decided to walk these 1,000+stairs as I have been wanting to do so since I knew about this Sherpatrappa/staircase – built in 2016 by the Nepalese mountain road workers from Khunde Village/Nepal. Met&talked to 2 of them 2days ago when they were repairing these stairs and can understand why they would be the best ppl to built this after being on a hike in Nepal. Started way before dark to avoid the crowds, but bumping into this young fit brave chap who carried his bicycle up to cycle down the path, not on the steps as he so told me when I asked!

1830hrs: enjoying a salmon dinner with blueberry pie for dessert NOR313 S$48 while watching the first few ppl to cross the bridge, now closed to cars (1900-2200hrs), etc except for emergency vehicles – pix zoomed in to the max, thus not clear.

Probably this will be one of the most beautiful sunset I will experience from here and yes we all need to do something about this climate change, otherwise there will not be sunsets like these.

Got lucky with the weather. So good to see ppl gathering to support this good cause and also ppl with their tents to stay for the concert starting at 2300hrs. Might have lingered if I had my ear-plugs+my hiking gears, but not meant to be.


2100hrs time for me to head down on the cable-car, without head-lights it would be suicidal for me to attempt the steps in the dark. Getting pass the lines for F&B while trying to get to the cable-car was intimidating for me. Those who know me will also know that there is no way I can handle a crowd of 7,000ppl without getting a heart-attack!!


Walking to the bridge and the last 10mins on the bridge (reopened to cars at 2200hrs) without cars and cheering on the last walker. Reaching back to see from the kitchen window that there were ppl still heading up these steps at midnight when I finally finished with a shower and headed to bed.


Thank you to Norad


Some fantastic pix downloaded from Norad link by David González (3above), Ole-Martin Sandness and Marius Douglas Oterhals (below).


Grateful to MotherNature for co-operating, appreciations to the organizers (Norad) and the participants to make this happened. Blessed to have had the experience.


Sun: even this mountain is smiling at&with 🙂 me to another beautiful day in life. Goodbye Aug and welcome Sep. Again zoomed to the max! Thank you to Laila&Morten for yummy fish-soup dinner and raspberry dessert, all fresh produce from their own garden, good to catch up with Marit (Laila’s sis). Time to bid farewell to family Hald for this time round.

4 Sep – Happy Bdays MayH (41) & Vince (57)

5 Sep – Happy Bday Olai (8)

8 Sep – Happy Alfred

11 Sep – Happy Bdays Steven & MayY

15 Sep – Happy Bday Ting Ting

16 Sep – Happy Bdays Ivy & Edith

20 Sep – Happy Bday AmyR

21 Sep – Happy Bday Greg

23 Sep – Happy Bdays Joyce & Klaus

24 Sep – Happy Bday Yun

25 Sep – HappyBday Kat

30 Sep Happy Bday Mabel, DaisyL & Valerie

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