Hurricane Dorian

6 Sep 2019 – Hello To Many Birthdays

Mon: day to clean, clear, pack and to track Hurricane Dorian which recently left a trail of destruction on Abaco Islands and now hovering around the coast of East FL, bringing back memories from the FL hurricane days of this life’s journey.

Tue: tkx to Stein for getting me to the airport in good time so the I could take these pix. Quite a change to be in an airport where I can see from one end to the other for DEP Gates 21-25. The other end down some stairs are DEP Gates 16-20. But where are the DEP Gates for 1-15??

Quite a contrast of aerial view from after TOS take-off to landing in OSL. Safe&sound in OSL after an uneventful ahead of schedule 1hr45min NorwegianAir flight. There are no complains when the welcome back is a hug from #6.

Wed: today St Elisabeth in TOS is a hotel, but in 1978 it was a hospital with a maternity ward then. Exactly 41yrs ago today, I was there and as quoted on the wall – With screams and tears the greatest joy is born – pix downloaded. Happy Bday to my 2nd-born!

The rains were non-stop and heavy at times today – good that the Bday girl decided to drive and run errands at the mall where I could pick up cakes&wines+gifts for another Bday tomorrow! Would have been a challenge to carry all the shopping by public transport, but what a perfect day to nap.

So far, FL has been spared from Dorian. Thoughts&prayers now out to those in GA and hope that it not make anymore landfalls but head out back to the Atlantic Ocean or weaken if it has to hit…

Thu: after all the animations, toys, etc managed to find&download this pix for #6 8thBday today! Can anyone tell me if this pix is photo-shopped or do tortoise really carry their babies on their back?? Just learnt that in Norwegian word skilpadde means both tortoise&turtle. Started the day with 3different sorts of cakes – Carrot, Napoleon&Marzipan which the BdayBoy had a bite of all 3 and Marzipan is what he liked best, but this adorable boy is even sweeter than all the cakes put together in the world.


IMG_6054Fri: TGIF and a sigh of relief that Dorian has passed by SC. Appreciations to Torill for taking the time to have lunch@Ville Paradiso. She is now a grandmother of 2.

Quite nostalgic to be just across the road from 17JacobAalls gate – could see the windows where M&B+#6 used to live. Good salad&pizza+Mimosa  NOK590 S$91

A man is no island, his own whole; still a bit of a continent, part of the mainland (Donne, 2010: 113). This is how Thomas Ugelvik opens one of the sections in the introductory chapter to Social control by quoting the work of the English poet John Donne from 1624 (Ugelvik, 2019:12). Thomas is Torill’s first-born who were our next door neighbour@Kolsås in the 1980s.

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