Kolboltgruvene/Cobalt Mines

10 Sep 2019 – Kittelsen Museum

Sat: May did such an excellent job with these baked goods – more rains and the house will be packed with ppl. Time for a trip to IKEA to get a few things before I take off. Spotted this fine looking guy in a beautiful bunad – traditional Norwegian clothes from various rural regions. Bunad, by the Norsebunadr which originally means equipment, is a new word that has been used since the 20th century on several types of clothes in Norway, primarily about modern, historical party costumes constructed in the first half of the 20th century inspired by regional costume traditions of the peasant population in the18th centuries. May is getting one made from the Telemark region (her connection there, the mountains she goes to since a baby) and I can’t wait to see the finished product, its going to be absolutely stunning.

#6 has more than enough stuffed animals to fill this and have been wanting to get him one since sometime ago. The new toy is very tempting for this grandmother! but maybe the grandkids are all growing out of these!! Like the cafe in Slependen IKEA where there are all kinds of comfortable sitting arrangements to chill and get your shopping list together+a bite. Today’s choice was a shrimp open-face sandwich with a side of beets which went well for me, blueberry cake was so-so, will not get it again, but wanted to just try it once.

Sun: Kolboltgruvene/Cobalt mines, former mining area in Skuterudåsen (app 1+hr drive from OSL).

#6&Jens had fun for Barnas Stein og Trolldag/Children’s stone&troll day today where they could dig for their own gold&other stones while I enjoyed a nice stroll around the area. All the stones were hand-picked in the sand by #6, bought the gold-leaf flakes NOK60 S$9.50.

Theodor Kittelsen (1857-1914) – like his inspiration from the Norwegian nature and his imagination with the trolls that caught my attention many moons ago.

Excited&thrilled to discover that this museum with a view is located here@Skuterudhøyden over Modum, Tyrifjorden&Ringerike. Checking if the imagination will let the trolls in, but being daylight, they have all turned into stones!

Nice front room with a view, ?? Soria Moria (1911).

På vei til gilde i trollslottet (1904), Smålltroll fra Jondalen, Skogtroll/Forest Troll (1906), Du Slette Tid. 

Edited 10Sep2020: unable to locate my pix for this location, 3above pix downloaded.

Mon: packed. Dinner for the family@ArtePazza – good salad&pizza NOK700 S$108. http://www.artepazza.no/

Go you must.
No guest shall stay
in one place for ever.
Love will be lost
if you sit too long
at a friend’s fire – The Havamal or Book of Viking Wisdom

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