The Giant’s Causeway

16 Sep 2019 – And County Donegal

Sat: 0730hrs heading off towards the north on this lovely morning. Taking a detour (will now call it that whenever I am lost!) at this upside down boots closed-down pub somewhere near Slane. Breakfast at the only place opened and nice stroll around Slane with the gable mural of Francis Ledwidge (1887-1917) – tkx to Geoffrey Keating for knowing his Irish poet.

And I was wondering in my mind
How many would remember me – Francis Ledwidge

Somewhere between Monaghan-Dungannon-Cookstown (now in UK), more detours to discover some delightful building&garden next to the church of St Michael’s Castlecaulfield & St Patrick’s just outside Dungannon town . If on route as planned, would have driven straight thru’ and missing out these. Gas@PortRush GBP32 S$55


Edited 6May2020: blue-sky&map pix downloaded – strange how places can strike the memory-chord. Jane, and I wish I could remember her last name, was my room-mate in boarding school and the only N Irish I knew then. Was driving into PortRush, N Ireland last year and suddenly recalled that she told me then that she was from PortRush. In 1965-67 she was far advanced in her ways, took me to some Dublin basement gigs where she was seeing this guy, Peter who introduced Mike Jagger to me. Of course had no idea who he was then, and had little interest in that kind of music then or now.

Night1: 12 High Rd@Portstewart – clean&well-run B&B including breakfast GBP41 S$70.

Sun: 0700hrs headed down the coastal road to The Giant’s Causeway – nature is just sooo amazing that words will not do justice until you have step on these rocks – not tempting fate to walk out by the edge of the ocean today. Today’s waves look too intimidating&treacherous. Had wanted to make this trip since student days in Dublin and now finally walking on the giant’s footsteps before turning 70.

Was intentionally there early to avoid crowds in the weekend and being one of maybe 2-3 other ppl around. Nothing was opened but was happy to have step foot with the Giants. On the way back on the coastal road passing by Bushmills Distillery, would have visited as it is one of the whisky I like.

Dunluce Castle, White Rocks and back to the B&B for breakfast before checking out.

Mussenden Temple (1785) Game of Thrones filming location is on the surroundings of Downhill Demesne near Castlerock perched dramatically on a 120ft cliff top, high above the Atlantic Ocean. 

Sat23Jul2022: tkx to Mario&Annette for this share –

Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you― George Martin

Back to the Republic and to the county of Donegal. Did have my passport if needed, but there have been so far been no boarders, signs or anything, except for the different flag and when you have to buy something in cash that would make you think that you are travelling in 2different countries

Stroove Lighthouse, not open to public

Malin Head – Ireland’s most Northern point and if you stare&look long enough out to the Atlantic Ocean, you can image the Eastern US coast!

Night2: SeaviewTavan, Ballygorman, MalinHeadIreland’s most Northerly Seafood Restaurant&LoungeBar. A room with the ocean view+dinner (yummy Donegal mussels)+a drink&Bfast EUR88 S$133.