29 Aug 2019 – A Walk In The Mountains

Mon: tkx to Stein for driving me around looking for Napoleonskaker, no luck but instead got GrønnGenser/Green Sweater (Marzipan cake filled with apricot, walnuts and cream) which is also delicious and which Ellen also like besides Napoleonskaker. Did not find any in Pedersen, but got it at the baked goods section from the grocery. Lunched with Ellen&Cathrine and good to see that she has improved from a year ago when she decided to move up here – she will be 95 this Oct with a memory better than some of the ppl from my generation!

The rains stopped by the time I started walking and it was a shorter walk than expected, appreciations to Cathrine for lunch and for directions to the short-cut paths. Passing by Elverhøy kirke (1803) – remembered this church by the old hospital and did not know that it moved here!

Tue: was thinking of the cable-car but too hazy to see out from there, also weather forecast rains later. Checked out some of these older buildings – unlike Hammerfest, where everything was burnt down during the war, TOS was spared and if only these buildings can show us some lights to the yesteryears in Verdensteatret Kino (1915), the world’s oldest cinema in use, a place for ArtHouse movies. Railway station that never was and do not know if there ever will be. Stortorget – Rakettkiosken (the round kiosk) and Our Lady Catholic Church.

Marit Bockelie’s Night&Day, the contrast of old&new etc, are all a part of life’s journey and how blessed we are to be able to experience&feel these contrast of life.

Used to go down this jetty (wooden planks in the 1970s) early in the mornings to wait for the fishing boats to get in for their fresh catch of the day, but that was many moons ago. You can still buy seafood (not sure how fresh?) across the road from the jetty in this mobile fish shop – wonder if this little vehicle is the same one that crossed my path last week? How is it that Fangstmonument/ArcticHunter has a gull on his head whenever my camera is ready??

Wed: the daily horn signals from Hurtigruten (the local coaster steamer) at 1445hrs announcing her arrival from the South and then again at 1830hrs when she sails North-bound – like&finding them comforting&soothing to my ears, those are the only ships that I am willing to cruise on.  Nice to catch up with EllenB who now has 4grandchildren.

Thu: up at 0448hrs to see the colours of sunrise. Got on the cable-car by 1000hrs RT NOK210 S$32 to make full use of the day as rains are in the forecast.

Exploring the surrounding area by the station to discover that the Nepalese are here fixing the Sherpatrappa/Sherpa-Steps getting them ready for the Sat night event. Still thinking of attending, but looking at the steps+the thoughts of crowds (make me feel claustrophobic); will also be dark+rains in the forecast, might pass and just be somewhere safe watching. Had early home-made sandwiches lunch outdoors, waiting for the clouds to clear – treated myself to a coffee&dessert NOK87 S$14 in the restaurant with a view.

Interesting huge bird (in my eyes) cloud formation, thank goodness it flew away so that I could follow the red-blaze leading up towards Bønntuva.

Clouds in the sky very much resembles the thoughts in our minds! Both changes perpetually from one second to another – Mehmet Murat ildan

It must have been 40yrs ago since so near Tromsdalstinden that I could see other mts in the background.

TOS seems far away from here. Could not help but felt sad for the young family who recently lost their mother when she was stuck dead by lightning – her funeral is today. On mt terrains when one is so exposed like these, one would not stand much of a chance if lightning strikes…

Did not linger after reaching the top as the clouds did not look too inviting. Took nearly 2hrs to get up nearly 3km and less than an hour to get down – still one small patch of snow and looks like I have not lost the skill for downhill paths! Better not talk too soon, who knows how I will feel tomorrow??

The mountains called and I went, unlike last year as the cable car was closed then!

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