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10 Jan 2020 – More Busy Schedules Ahead

Tue: need a day to switch off before the next rush. Films are a great way to relieve stress, to escape the pressures of day to day life, allowing the viewer to drift into new plots and storylines. They sometimes give us the excuse to cry or laugh out loud, and to admire a few sexy actors and actresses along the way. And for me, this is so true.

First time watching a movie from Myanmar, Now & Ever ထာဝရနှောင်ကြိုး – a drama based on a marriage and relationship. Thiha (Zenn Kyi) is married to Wuthmone (Paing Phyoe Thu), who because of her traumatic past is suffering from psychosis. As a passionate lover, Thiha takes care of Wuthmone with much kindness. But in the later years of their marriage Wuthmone starts to suspect Thiha might be cheating on her and witnesses that he actually is. She blames only herself and rumination worsens her condition. But could what she saw have an alternative truth? Or, has Thiha fallen out of love? Quite a tear-jerker towards the end and enjoyed this flick.

Chose to watch this@GV in Funan, next to Peninsula Plaza where the Myanmarese gather. And sure enough, most of the audience were Myanmarese to get me into the Myanmar ambiance.

Had dinner with Clem@RafflesCity where the choices&varieties of foods are so extensive that we ended@FoodPlace, and my choice was a simple steamed-pork+a side dish of veggie. Dessert@CoffeeBean, too long a wait@PS Cafe.

JaniceWong – SIN pastry chef launched her eponymous sweet concept brand in 2014. Today there is even chocolate crayons (personally, not a good idea!). Everything here is quite a feast for the eyes too but not within my budget and not a fan of chocolate will all these chocolates with fancy fillings.

Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get – Forrest Gump

Wed: anyone flying from SIN-EU-SIN, or anywhere in these troubled areas, plx make sure that the airlines you’re on are avoiding the air-spaces in these area. Prays&thoughts are always for PEACE

3hrs after posting the above link in FB, news of the link below appeared!

Prayers&condolences to all victims&their families on this flight.  Seems like an error or mistake by human error unintentionally, but of course no one dares to take responsibilities by not wanting to share the black-box – ouch!!! The Iranian authorities dismissed the accidental shooting down as rumor and rubbish. So can we now only conclude that they targeted and shot the plane down on purpose???? Catch 22 and such sad news.

Edited 11Jan:

Responsibilities have been admitted, but does it help the victims who are no longer? Is it going to stop the situation from getting worse?? 

An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind…

Thu: getting my heritage stuff ready for an interview. Appreciations to KengWe&Jeremy (NTU heritage&historian research group)+Victor – got thru’ some of father’s old papers to discover that his bday is not 15Jun 1911? as I have always thought (or maybe it is??), it is 15Jul 1913??? according to this, but even that is not correct.

Fri: TGIF and time to work out a guest list for a lunch-buffet. Was pleasantly surprised last night with news that #2 will also be visiting next month. Looking much forward to that, but for now, there are still preparations for the CNY first! Tkx for dinner@Les&Ivy and a productive evening of going thru’ the guest list.

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