Epiphany 2020

6 Jan 2020 – My Epiphany

Thu: grocery shopping around ParkwayP. Prayers for rains to Australia&sunshine to Indonesia. Here in SIN, there are no complains of this freshly painted hood with fabulous flora trees view outside the bedroom&kitchen (the back) windows Tkx to Bian for providing the kind of this flowering tree –  a species of Pulai (Alstonia).

It is quite amazing how fast those tress have grown. It was in 2006 when this area was upgraded with a 3-level car-park&a roof-garden was completed. On-going repairs, repaint, etc are being carried out at present since last year. The new colour for the buildings was voted on by the majority in my absence in Sep2019. Absolutely thrilled with the choice as it matches with most of my outfits, thus an excellent camouflage for me in my surroundings – hahaha.

The front of where my 4-walls faces the road overlooking a T-junction road with this communal space. Have booked this location for a lunch buffet next month, will be the first time and a new experience to use this space.

Fri: TGIF to this first 2020Fri and a good weekend to all. More grocery shopping around UbiAve 2. The young man@YanChuan Roasters has been taking care of my roast goods for the past couple of years. It is good to shop at a place when&where they know what&how I want things done, even when it took 2changes on 3buses to get there (S$0.92c) – they also deliver (S$15). Looks like the price-list for CNY orders are out.

Sat&Sun: menu (the last time I will ever want to make such a menu! – my epiphany!!) for today&tomorrow’s lunch to thank some of my SIN co-workers who have help me tremendously during the transition when I first returned to work here. Today we are friends and I no longer work a 9-5 job. How can it have been over a decade ago since these young ppl lasted visited? Appreciations for the visit – this time with an addition in the family, but missing Jeremy who has to fulfill his duties for the country. Tkx to Aileen(H&H)&family for yummy strawberries&cookies, to Calvin&Sam+Chris(CC) for wines and to Gel(NetballSIN) for her company.

Seafood Bisque w bread-sticks
Gravlaks w honey-dill mustard sauce
Smoked salmon w cream-cheese
Prawns w avocado
Ham w pineapples
Roast chicken w cranberries
Spicy Italian sausages
Roast Belly Pork (besides being a Chinese dish, this is also Norwegian)
Potato Salad
Brussels Sprouts w garlic+cheese
Brown sauce
Assorted Cheese
Red Velvet/USA
Irish Coffee/Ireland
12days after Christmas is Epiphany – also known as Women’s Christmas in Ireland ( especially in the counties of Cork and Kerry ). A day off from household chores and a night out for the women after all the hard work over Christmas.
Mon: but today is when the clearing of all the foods after the weekend and getting the decorations put away! Still no complains considering the natural disasters and the political volatile&unpredictably situations in the world today!

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