Filtvet 2019

7 Aug 2019 – Idyllic Boat-Ride On OSL-Fjord

Mon: 0945hrs-Aker Brygge time to get inline to board the boat (NOK50 S$8 OW-senior) sailing for Filtvet. Am sure glad that this boat is a tiny one sailing only in the protected water of OSLfjord, unlike the humongous cruise-ship docked nearby which will head out to the sea!

1000hrs in grey skies heading away from the familiar landmarks – Rådhuset, Tjuvholmen, EquinorOSL.

1015-Nesoddtangen, 1018- Flaskebekk, 1020-Sjøstrand (no pax by-passing without stop), I would be very fit if I had to walk up&downs those white stairs to&from the brown house!

Cute little water-front cabins hugging the coastline. 1025-Ildjernet, not an attractive jetty of call, but a happy dog greeted whoever got off here where there are some lovely houses away from the jetty.

Towards&away from Steilene@1033, no pax. Had my home-made sandwich on this stretch.

1035 passing Ommen, no pax; 1038-Fjellstrand where a bunch of young ppl got off; 1048-Søndre Langåra and the rains started after, thus having to retreat inside down to the cabin. So far pix have been taken in the outdoors from the moving boat, thus not sharp, but better than none.

1055-Lågøya, 1058-Fagerstrand, 1103-Aspond.

1110-Håøya; 1120-Oscarsborg, where the fortress here is best known for sinking the German heavy cruiser Blücher on 9Apr1940 and in 2014, Oscarsborg Fortress was given protected status – will have to check this out another time in blue sky! Ariel pix downloaded.

1127-Drøbak, the Norse form of the name was Drjúgbakki. Drjúgr-hard/long, bakki=(up)hill. This is related to the very steep roads winding down into the center of Drøbak. One can easily tell the pop of the place by looking at the amounts of tires on the jetty! Will not be taking the boat back, perhaps will visit here&Oscarsborgh someday when time&weather permit.

1140-Filtvet where ho Kari waits! to take me to their lovely home by the fjord. She is my first Norwegian girlfriend and we go back to half a century ago when she married Bjørn and joined him in Dublin/Ireland where he was a med-student there then. My first-born Linn is born one day before her first-born, Thomas, both born in Dublin.

Nice to see her sis, Elin&friend who were in the neighbourhood. Good that they could join us to share our seafood platter of røkt&gravlaks+røkt makrell.

The afternoon went by quickly catching up with news about her 3children&7grandchildren. The clock here was hand-made by her father who I have met many moons ago. Both her parents have passed on. Delicious pork loin dinner with rice.

The last time here was 9yrs ago, oh where has the time gone??

Tue: 0530hrs woke to this breath-taking sunrise from the opening of OSL fjord where all boats must pass by to enter into OSL.

Giljotin=Figurehead of the house is a mermaid name Señoraapparently, fully clothed females were no good, but a topless woman would calm rough seas

So far have visited with all the places Kari has lived in, except their cabin in Ryperfjord in Northern Norway and their new flat in Jessheim. Will try and make a trip to Jessheim in Oct on my way back to SIN.

Heading back to OSL on the road (1+hr drive if without stops) with a slight sight-seeing detour.

Villa Malla – popular eatery with the lighthouse (1877) located next to it. Nice clean sandy beach, but looks like fall is heading this way together with the abundance of jellyfish.

Beautiful&idyllic as it is, with an ice-cream bar and the water-sports, can you imagine the crowds here during the summer holidays?

Not only that Time&Tide wait for no man, Kari realized that she parked in front of someone’s driveway and time to hit the road back to the maddening crowds&traffic.

Sushi lunch (NOK300 S$47) across from UllevaalStadion and sharing a yummy piece or raspberry cake@BakerHanson/UllevaalS – not quite a selfie, but a reflection on the mirror reflecting the blessed&grateful warm feelings to have friends like Kari. Safe journeys to us and so long until we meet again. Takk for meg denne gang.

The most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart – Elizabeth Foley

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