The Birds & The Bees

4 Aug 2019 – In A Secret Garden

Thu: 15mins stroll to UllevaalStadion passing by Sogn hagekoloni (one of the idyllic places in the neighbourhood), to discover that there is some construction going on the pedestrian path.

To my disappointment the post-office there is no longer and on top of that they did not have my favourite shrimp salad@BakerHansen. Oh well, changes are inevitable and such is life. Appreciations to Ingrid for her time to meet up. Sad morning but hopefully the bees are happy. Life goes on no matter of conditions!

Grant to us the serenity of mind to accept that which cannot be changed; courage to change that which can be changed, and wisdom to know the one from the other.

Enjoying a lazy afternoon with the birds chirping, listening&watching the innocence of kids playing – looks like the neighbour has set up a tent in the garden so that the kid can escape from the parents, lol. Anybody who has survived childhood has enough information about life to last the rest of their days – hahaha!

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all, tkx to Johnny who reminded me that yesterday was not Fri (jet-lag do strange things to the mind). Accompanied May to her dr’s appointment to see if I want to use the same dr as Eivind, my regular dr has now retired. The design of the new police station looks interesting but really dislike graffiti, glad that SIN is strick about it. This postcard mailed from Penang a month ago sure took it’s time finding its way here.

Sat: an edible garden is a practical one, do need patience to grow, maintain etc it, but looks like things here are well taken care of. Cherries are more or less done and most of them have been juiced; apples, blueberries, Brussels-sprouts, tomatoes are not quite ready, but the rest are ongoing and just to pick as needed. Made myself useful by shortened the curtains and began to search for tickets, OSL-Vinstra-OSL (NOK606-S$94), OSL-TOS-OSL (NOK1,328-S$205), OSL-DUB (NOK588-S$92/OW), have not even started with the US part of the journey yet!

Sun: thought I was dreaming when I heard the loud thunder around 0200hrs, but not a dream or nightmare, it was for real and felt like the lightning was just outside the window – am sure glad I was not sleeping in a tent! Rather terrifying considering that someone I knew was struck dead by lightning a week ago. The storm came and left quickly wakening to clearer&cooler airs.

Kolibri Kolonial, one of the few places open on a Sun in this country, but be prepared to pay the price! NOK750-S$115 for 11items which tasted good, especially the coffee ice-cream and none were delicatessen or luxury foods – more expensive than my OW air-ticket from here to Dublin!!

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