Goodbye July 2019

1 Aug 2019 – Hello August

Mon: appreciations to family&friends for this time round in SIN. Enjoy, take care and be safe for the 54th NDP & the rest of the Bicentennial Celebrations (1800s B/Wpix of SIN River downloaded). See y’all end of the year.

Am lost for words where&when closing up and packing are concerned. That usually means long flying hours and away from the comforts of my space for an extended period! Now-Sep: Norway&Ireland, Sep-Oct: USA, Nov/Dec: SIN. Plx do let me know if we will be crossing paths anywhere and would love to catch up. Once you are over the hill, you pick up speed. Had a VW-bug in the US from 1985-1999 (a gold one in CA and a red one in FL). Linn took over the red one when I left.

Was early at the airport to have a walk around Jewel. Did not get a chance to take a pix of Pink during the opening due to crowds. Yes, there is this Norwegian fast-food (the only one I know of in SIN), did not get to taste, it was past 23hrs and most places were closed. The best airport in the world and the only place in the world I have seen a sign like this in this clean toilet! It is not a selfie, so not out of line!!

Tue: 7+hrs from SIN-DXB, slight delayed waiting for connecting passengers but caught up with schedule in mid-air. Emirates: SIN-DXB-OSL-DXB-SIN S$806

2+hrs layover@DXB with outside temps of 38°C/100.4°F. 6+hrs from DXB-OSL; both full&uneventful arriving on-time flights. 1+hr in-line@OSL immigration again – when you are spoilt with the world’s best airport, it is wise not to compare!

When I can remember, will share the cost of living when in Norway as I have been often asked about how much things cost here. Thus it is not a complain or comparison, but to answer&share about the cost of living here.

RT Xtrain to&from OsloS NOK196 S$30. Refreshing to arr into 12°C when it has been so hot hot hot in SIN. Feeling like a zombie but worth the while – now safe&sound in 7Heaven with #6 and his artistic talent with Jenga&Lego. But these are words from the MOST subjective grandma who kisses the grounds where #1-6 walk on and finding them the most adorable, clever, talented, etc ppl on earth, hahaha.

Wed: a lovely stroll to try out his new remote-controlled boat@the fountain.

Beautiful&serene surroundings with full blooms of all kinds of berries, flowers&fruits. Hope that it is because of the fauna&flora that are causing my runny-nose and not otherwise. The whole fam here are not feeling too well.

Goodbye July2019.

Grandchildren bring you into a sweeter, slower present. They show you the future at a time when a lot of your friends are thinking about the past. And they take you back to childhood–theirs, the Parent’s, your own: a three-time admittance to wonderland – Adair Lara

2 Aug – Happy Bday Claire
4 Aug– Happy Bday Candice
9 Aug – Happy Bday ChengEn
9 Aug – Happy 54th SIN National Day
10 Aug – Happy Bday JenWee&Alvin

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