AC Issues With HDB

18 July 2019 – 46 Marine Crescent 07-54

Tue 16Jul 2019 05.30hrs: normally I do not hear or notice anything as the AC+my radio are on, but this fated morning I thought it was raining, and as it turned out, somewhere from the upper levels their ACs were dripping on to my AC.

This is not a complain, just a statement of observation and it does not bother me, perhaps that is why I never noticed it. Did not have the AC or the radio on all night to keep the condenser cool so that workmen can install the tray this morning.

If this did not happened this morning, would have just let it be, but since it did, the ethical&decent thing to do is by writing to the necessary parties to inform them of the situation so that some one else in a similar situation will not have to go thru’ these harassment.

Even when my AC has condensation, which are normal for ACs, so the ACs above mine must also be having condensation. Somehow the neighbour ‘below me’ has chosen to misuse her position just because she works for HBD, and being just ‘above her’ she took it for granted that it is only my AC with the problem. If only she was one of the neighbours from the recent case to Neighbour From Hell –

Am in SIN usually during the winter months and the flat is closed&covered and not in used during my absence. When I am back, the AC maintenance ppl are always here to check&service and they have ensured me time and again that my ACs like all ACs have normal condensation.

Appreciations to the people from Mun Sheng Airconditioning & Engineering Pte Ltd especially Louis who are always so professional and prompt at fixing&servicing my AC when necessary.

A tray is now installed with connections diverting any water back to my bathroom. Will need to inconvenience someone to monitor that it does not get congested and overflow from the tray during my absence.

If names etc. are needed for future references, all the correspondences+pix from 2016 explaining the situation then, and again now in 2019 are available upon request. (see above blog links). I will be away end of July-Nov, but was told that if another letter of complain has to be mailed out, there will then be legal actions.

Thus the tray has been installed, but this is not the end as I will be back end of the year and it is a serious matter when threatened with legal actions, especially when research&work on your side have NOT been done properly&thoroughly.

Before you send another letter of complain again, check thoroughly that you can guarantee me that there are absolutely NO condensation and dripping ACs from the 8th-12th floors too.

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