28 Jul 2019 – Golden Mile Complex & The Projector

Wed: tkx to Tina for her book Once Upon A Singapore…Traders and appreciations to her interest for father’s old documents&pix. Hopefully there might some interest to have them preserved so that whoever is interested will have a chance to view them. Time will tell when I get back end of the year. Glad that I can introduce her Glory, one of my favourite locations here in my hood for Popiah&NasiPadang, selfie pix-credits to Tina.

Bringing Tina’s book+these others with me to Norway&USA to share with the grandchildren, hoping that these might spark an interest from them about other cultures. Also the pack of origami paper with various flags to fold orizuru, the only problem is that the Norwegian flag is missing, must ask Aileen if she can help with printing some of that.

Golden Mile Complex for my Thai food when in this area – feels like a little Thailand there and as for durians, my preference are still for the Malaysian ones.

This is one of the few places that I can get Thai PeaEggPlant/TPEP for Thai GreenCurry which is how I like it. Will get the ready-made curry to-go, and when I get home, the TPEG get thoroughly washed and blanched before adding to the ready-made curry to let them soak overnight.

Tolkien@Projectorthis movie explores the formative years of the orphaned author as he finds friendship, love and artistic inspiration among a group of fellow outcasts at school. This takes him into the outbreak of World War I, which threatens to tear the “fellowship” apart. All of these experiences would inspire Tolkien to write his famous Middle-Earth novels Fox Searchlight Pictures. Enjoyed Tolkien’s Hobbit during my teenage years, must re-read it again. Nice surprised to bump into KarenH&friends. Been some years (2013?) ago since I first met her@cousin Karen’s.

Thu: this poster says it all for today’s mood! So will counter-act with this other one!! If unable to blame on anyone will then blame it to the thoughts of packing and the closing of my 4-walls for this time round!!! Those who know me also know how I dread packing…

Fri: TGIF and a good weekend to all – HKG family&friends, be safe. Was a year ago@Kabuke, wanted to see what a year can do – still satisfied with the beef-bowl, but was out of what KK wanted as we had a late lunch. Dessert&coffee@PS Cafe just up the hill where my favourite of the PS Cafe is located – last time here was 4yrs ago with AudreyM, the buah cherry/Aratiles/Sarisa&Rambutan trees are no longer. 3above pix downloaded.

Dropped by to CC to say so long for this time round, but left with a splitting headache. The heat takes much out of me nowadays – a nap helped.

Sat: again a diversion with the buses making N Bridge Rd a bus-chain. Like the tunnel@the underpass along the river towards another trip to ACM (Seniors/FOC) for a closer look to details after only a run-thru’ trip to take pix over a week ago,

but more to catch up with niece Daisy, tkx for lunch and an early Christmas gift.

What a coincidence – small world, bumped into Henrietta&Francis who are escaping the protests in HKG. Had a great evening in company of Tina, Victor&Ernest trying to start a LAM TinYue, thus hoping to save father’s old docs&pix, appreciations for their interest. Looking forward to meeting up again in Nov.

Strangely enough, this was what I wrote in my journal when I first returned here to work 20yrs ago – the happy ending is how most ppl would like the story to end, but it is only the beginning of the end! Returning back to my roots after living away for nearly half a century to break the spell – the spell with the illusions of love.

Once you have learned to love, you will have learned to live…


Sun: forgot about the Merdeka Generation Roadshow@Marine Terrace today, but enjoyed a good lunch there@block59 for less than S$10 with Clement. It’ll be awhile before a meal like this again! S$100-PAssion Silver Card top-up was done a few days ago, and that should last me for the rest of the year when I get back.

Appreciations to AudreyW for passing on a tiny bottle of OliveOil made with olives from Sicily to Jamie&Giovanni@The Terminal Cafe Lounge. Tasted this in Mar when in HI and liked it. Since Giovanni is from Sicily, wanted his verdict of it.


Another yummy seafood Sun-dinner@Les&Ivy, tkx to Albert for getting all these fresh local shellfish from his sources – big clams&cockles/seehum, flower-crabs, Barracuda-fishhead.

Received very sad news from Norway tonight and will be heading there tomorrow as planned…