The Wedding of Alexandria&Amber

7 Jul 2019 – Lunch&Dinner

Thu: unpacking the few things bought in Penang – soaps looking&smelling like they are good enough to eat, coconut candies (both the soft chewy&hard ones) and an attractive irresistible tiny goldfish pewter I could not take my eyes off just before leaving the hotel for the airport!

Marking 4th July over time – 2005 on the AT/USA, 2013 in OSL/Norway, 2015&2018 SC/ USA. Happy 4th to all celebrating. Appreciations for dinner@Jo’s.

Tamil movie House Owner – the story revolves around a rainy day in the lives of an elderly couple who has made Chennai their home since quite some time. Vasu, who has retired from the Army, has been suffering from Alzheimer’s and Radha has a tough time dealing with her husband’s adamant and child-like behaviour. Somehow, it was a touching movie in some ways and sad in another ways, ie too close to home!

Do not think I have ever been to this cinema@Carnival Shaw Tower on Beach Rd, which shows mainly Indian moves – and if I have, it must have been under another name!

Fri: TGIF this beautiful flower tree is blooming outside my 7floor kitchen window and it is absolutely magnificent. I remember it a tiny tree 20yrs ago when I moved here, before the parking garage with a roof-top garden was built (2005).

Auditioning as a grandma for some NTUC-film. Keeping my fingers crossed this time round. Trying something new when the opportunity arises is a good way to live life!

Appreciations to HS&friends for a lovely Fri evening of Standing on the Shoulders of Giants with a delightful&entertaining program@VCH. Cellist Qin Li-Wei’s performance was outstanding. Supper@our usual Vietnamese joint, LongPhung, JooChiatRd

Sat: after 1hr+bus+MRT+bus, had a few minutes for a cuppa@BukitBatok market and to check out the area before heading on to the Church of St Mary of the Angels (church pix downloaded).

Aileen, the mother of the bride glowing radiantly as she gives instructions to her soon to be son-in-law, Amber. Also spending some moments with her youngest, Chloe and husband, Alan before they give blessings to their eldest girl’s Alex and before being parents-in-law!

Jeremy, their dashing first-born is busy checking that things are going smoothly. Yulis&family in time before we got seated. Where has all these years gone??? Aileen, Yulis&I met when we worked together 20yrs ago@H&H, then in MarinaHouse/ShentonWay (next to MSAbuilding)

Yulis&Chiew have 2 lovely girls, Sophie(5)&Frances(2mo) dressed alike just like what I did to L&M who are also nearly 5yrs apart, Sophie is the cutest 5yrs with me today. Somehow we were accidentally placed on the groom-side, but it was good as we could see Aileen&family clearly.

The charming couple were blessed by their parents as they both vowed to love&honour each other the rest of their life. Congratulations to the new Mr&Mrs Teo and the very best to their life ahead.

Father of the bride sang beautifully and gave a touching speed as to how he will miss that good-night kiss. Lovely reception with yummy food and had a bite of everything and ate every morsel. Good to catch up with Peggy, Carol, Dennis, Aisha, old H&H faces.

Alex’s stunning bridal gown was tailor-designed with different layers of elegant white lace and really befitting to her graceful&innocent personality. It was cute to see Sophie so taken in with the bride that it reminded me how Olai was to his cousin Ellie during Linn’s 40thBday in 2014.

And it is not over yet until the dinner tomorrow night.

Sun: Gillman Barracks former British Army barracks, the cluster of buildings now play host to an eclectic mix of Art. The last time here was in 2016 for Steve McCurry’s A picture is worth a thousand words’.

Took a few mins today to walk around the area to only discover this ruin this time round.

Fully restored classic black & white bungalow built in 1935 by the British Army and surrounded by greenery, Masons has a unique colonial charm with good food.

I like the idea of a small portions so that there is room to taste everything and again ate every bit.

Too many ppl to get decent shots tonight and there are many profession photographers who will no doubt put together a good wedding album. Nice wedding cake.

Aileen’s mother, brother&his family+her 2best friends Patricia&Michelle, godmothers to her children on the same table. Managed to get a quick shot while the wedding couple&their parents were posing. The missing girlfriend of Jeremy’s as she was could not attend yesterday’s ceremony. Looking forward for them to tie their knots too! These kids are fortunate to have good examples&roles to learn from.

Blessed to be including in these joyous ceremonies and meeting with her family&friends after hearing&listening about them for 20yrs! Congratulations to Aileen&Alan who have raised a lovely family. The secret to a long-lasting marriage is to fall in love many times, always with the same person.