Gillman Barracks

23 Jan 2015 – CNY Decorations@Parkway

Wed: started new med, Xarelto. CNY greetings mailed. Met with Clem for early dinner at Parkway.


Thu: a day at the former Gillman Barracks, now is home to 16 international art galleries, three restaurants and the Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA).


Interesting restrooms fitting into the tropical weather concept.


Steve McCurry, one my favourite photographers and where the idiom A picture is worth a thousand words really applies.


I can so relate to the saying ‘The eyes are the windows to the soul’ here. McCurry’s famous photograph, SharbatGula /Afghan Girl, on the cover of National Geographic Jun 1985.


Lunched at the Naked Finn***Good grilled baby squids.


More eateries down the road and a covered walk-way to Alexandra Rd.


IMG_8537At CC for the talkย ‘Big Mountains on Small Budgets’ but with more than 100pp there, decided to hang around the back of the store with a wild bunch of monkeys high in training to welcome the monkey year ๐Ÿ™‚ Appreciations for a fun evening. Safe journeys to Calvin & co who will be heading to Germany for the week.

Thank you Yoshie for the Matcha, chasen and chashaku.


Fri: Happy 14th Bday to eldest grandchild Katy – how is it possible for me to have a 14yrs old grand-daughter??


Families and friends in the Eastern US – keep warm in these freezing weathers and snow storms predicted in the forecast for the weekend. Those in HKG keep warm too. Stay safe everybody.


Scenes that caught my attention on the way to The Sail at Marina Bay.


Thank you for yummy home-cooked dinner Zarina. Nice view! Appreciations to Michael for getting us together. Thoughts are with you, Micheal to get better.

Introduction to kuehs for12541162_10207581758954603_2257128472555643658_n Zarina – names of the ‘Bengawan Solo kuehs’ starting with the white one going clock-wise – Corn Kueh, Coconut Candy, Ongoi Ubi, KuehTalam, Kueh Lapis, Lapis Sagu and the middle round one is OndehOndeh.

Sat: Happy Birthday Yoshie! Had to cancelled the Postsdown Rd adventure. The mind is willing but not the body ๐Ÿ™ Time to be realistic and find the balance of rest and play ๐Ÿ™‚


4 thoughts on “Gillman Barracks

  1. It looks very faintly familiar but a lot nicer now. I was based at Gillman for the first year and at Alexandra for the second year at Bourne School.

    Hope you are well, I enjoy reading your posts, love Liz


    • This Friday will be at Portsdown Rd, another interesting and unique place as it gives one a glimpse into SIN history of colonialization and gives one an idea of how a part of old SIN used to look like. Will blog about it the following week. Maybe you might recognize or have some distance memories of that area!

      Glad that you are enjoy the pix and thanks for stopping by my blog. I certainly am enjoying seeing and visiting these places. Take care and stay safe.

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