Marina@Kepple Bay

20 Jan 2016 – Reflections & Memories!


Mon: welcome cousin Colleen and Greg from USA. Brunch at Raffles City Food Place.


Marina@Kepple Bay is a first-time experience for me. This is the area I thought I was familiar with after growing up there for 15yrs in the 1950s, but the habour front is now completely alien to me!

IMG_8359The background hills were my childhood playgrounds where Mt Faber can still be seen! Fond memories with cousin Wilki where I probably first learnt to enjoy natural lush greenery and a perfect place to hide from family dramas!

Today, it is built to station the cable-cars with fancy eating and drinking venues. And of course shops as shopping is certainly an important past-time for many!


Luxury waterfront and urban lifestyle with fancy condos, yachts, sailboats, clubs, etc for the rich. A total contrast from the childhood days where one can take a 10cents-S$1 ride on the bumboats from the former Gate9 to the outer islands.


Reflections@Keppel Bay is a 99yr leasehold luxury waterfront residential complex with 1129units on app 84,000m² of land, 750m of shoreline was completed by 2011. And YES they are not straight and NO, I have not had any shots when taking these shots 🙂

Tue: an evening in Chinatown for Colleen to feel the ambiance of the pre-CNY crowds, taste frog-legs and durians. No intentions to be down there again until after the CNY. Smooth & safe sailing to them and will catch up again after their sailing trip.
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2 thoughts on “Marina@Kepple Bay

  1. It was called Jardine Steps then and we used to go down Marang Road and across the main road to Gate no. 9 to go to Jardine Steps. Yes, I remember the small boats. Gate no 8 was opposite Temenggong Road. I didn’t know that Clifford Pier had become an hotel.
    We used to go to St Andrews Cathedral once a year for the Children’s service on the afternoon of Christmas Eve.

    • Oh what lovely memories and yours are pretty good too!

      And the Fullerton Bay Hotel is quite something. The former Clifford Pier part is the lobby and T-room while the main hotel is extended on the right to Clifford Pier.

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