2021-First School Day For The Flock

20 Aug 2021 – Gastronomical Feasting

Tue: saddened by all the news of many disasters happening around the world – https://disasterphilanthropy.org/our-approach/disasters/

And the consequences of the man-made long history in Afghanistan which brings back memories of


Steve McCurry, one my favourite photographers and where the idiom A picture is worth a thousand words really applies.


I can so relate to the saying The eyes are the windows to the soul here. McCurry’s famous photograph, SharbatGula /Afghan Girl, on the cover of National Geographic Jun 1985. 


Wed: at Les’sClinic/FarrerPkMedicalCentre to pick up medications – looks like the clinic girls have green-thumbs and the plants here are thriving at the corner window on the 7floor.

OysterHouse/OwenRd – no mussels, but the clams look good for tonight’s dinner.

Chinese Restaurant JiaHeWanShiXing 家和万事兴 which translates to if the family lives in harmony all affairs will prosper – a nice restaurant conveniently located downstairs from Les’s clinic and serves a well-presented varieties of Cantonese cuisine. Tkx to AiHwee for today’s lunch which started with Pan-fried Bacon wrapped with tomato served with SaladCream, an interesting appetizer that combines sweet cherry tomatoes with smoky bacon, CrispyRoastPork, SilverBait+StiredFriedKaiLan done to my taste with a nice crunch and well presented – good idea to serve the baits separately to keep them crusty fresh.

CrispyHorFun with Seafood&EggSauce – first time for this dish and is best enjoyed immediately, while the HorFun is still crispy.

Good StuffedCrab and excellent DoubleBoilSoup of the day. Delicious DurianDeepFriedSesameBall and mini EggTart for dessert.

Appreciations for the 1stMoonCakesX4 (LotusPaste+MacadamiaNuts) of the season – could not resist this pretty insulated bag to keep future take-away foods warm!

Good to see MartinNg whom we have not seen since father passed away –  an afternoon@Les&Ivy’s catching up with his Dublin days&when he returned to SIN in the early 1960s. He left SIN 1953, before Lawrence, returned in the early 1960s and was our family doctor then.

Stayed on@Les&Ivy’s for dinner since already there – home-made clams done to perfection by Les+foods by ImperialTresures/Paragon from Chris – what an amazing gastronomical feasting day and a lovely evening was enjoyed by all. Nice to meet with Caroline&Alex, Michael and ChrisLim. Appreciations to Michael for sharing his ride back to the EastEnd.

Gastronomy is the greatest form of therapy that anyone can be exposed to – Marco Pierre White

Thu: pouring at~0300hrs, got up to close the windows, continued sleeping soundly with the heavy rains pelting down on the AC-compressor outside the bedroom window; stopped by the time I got up at~0700hrs. Tkx Aileen for brunch company at my favourite CCF@MTmarket and for lovely orchids to add to my weekend red bouquet.

Fri: #1 moved to her apartment to start her sophomore year at UofSC/USA. Mon16Aug2021 was 1stSchoolDay for #2(11th), #3(9th), #4(7th) and #5(5th) grades. These 4 looked thrilled when their mother asked to take their pic!!!! tkx to Linn for the pix.

Can’t believe that #4 is now taller than #2. Could not recognize #3’s voice when I spoke to him – last saw them all 2019summer and in just under 2yrs they all seemed to have grown overnight…

Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere – Chinese Proverb

TGIF, a good weekend to all, stay safe&dry on this lovely cool&very wet morning here in SIN. Has been a long long while ago when&where I could walk for ~4hrs and only saw 2ppl walking and others 2cycling. The paths were wet and waves were higher than usual this morning, managed to even pick a handful(46)SagaSeeds on the way.

On the way back stopped@KatongShoppingCentre to pick up a banana pie@DonaManis. Also tried a new flavour@TheHumbleScoop – ORH HAW/HawthornBerry, nice&refreshing.

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