The Simplicius Cheong Quartet

14 Jul 2019 – Happy Bastille Day

Fri: the 2nd letter regarding my AC arrived and an appointment to fix the problem has been arranged for next week. Let’s hope that complaining neighbour underneath me will find peace for her prayer-mat! In the meanwhile, got a charger and literally charging my batteries and energy in every way possible. Does anyone know where to discard of old batteries?

Korean movie Parasite: this black humour storytelling captivates the dissection of class struggles. Somehow what the drunk Chung-sook said – If I was rich, I would be nice too. Money is an iron; it smoothes out all the wrinkles caught my attention.

Kind of brought back what a friend once told me – of course he is nice, who would not be if they have things their way! Anyway an interesting movie which started off fine, but it got too violent for me towards the end.

Sat: from a local food-centre scene in my hood and looks like they are ready for the National Day Celebrations even-though it is not until 9Aug.

Who says that flower-power is no longer has not been here where ppl are enjoying&making the best out of their day and hope that y’all are doing the same!

The wet market usually has a good variety of fresh produce in the early hours of the weekend and it is only in these local wet markets that I can find the local fresh herbs for local cooking.

All those herbs and the banana leaf for S$3, sunflowers were so delightfully fresh&cheerful looking that I had to get them S$5 for 2.

Lunched@One Bowl Restaurant located just behind the lobby of The Sultan Hotel on Jalan Sultan is where you can find home-style cooking in a restaurant without MSG – a place I would not mind going back to.

CharSiew Noodles with springy noodles giving it some oomph&texture; NgorHiang; ChapChye– a mixed vegetable stew must be one of the better ChapChye I have had. Was happy with these 3dishes. The food looks pretty much as what you see on the menu, tastefully presented.

Hot slow stroll down from JalanSultan with a new building CityGate Condo to Fika/BeachRd for dessert. Passing HajiLane which is always bursting with life and pack with ppl, a place I try to avoid going to.

Sun: Happy Bastille Day to those celebrating, Has it really been 7yrs ago since my last trip to France? Happy Bday to Keith in France.

Nice to bump into Philip in the hood – some of his artworks that caught my attention the past few years.

The Simplicius Cheong Quartet Pays Tribute to Legends – Quartet is made up of Simplicius Cheong (arranger, composer and piano), Rit Xu (flute), Ben Poh (bass) and Tama Goh (drums).

Congratulations and all the best to Rit who has won his 2yrs scholarship to NY/USA.

Appreciations for a relaxing enjoyable afternoon with a delightful program@Esplanade Concourse with Audrey, Leonard, Pat, Angela, Lucy&Betty

16 00 – 16.40 Hits by Doris Day
17.00 – 17.40 The Music of André Previn
18.00 – 18.40 The Music Of Michel Legrand

Que será, será
Whatever will be, will be
The future’s not ours to see
Que será, será
What will be, will be – Jay Livingston and Ray Evans