Appreciations & Gratitude To Family&Friends

20 Jul 2019 – For Crossing This Life’s Journey 

Wed: @ACM for Guo Pei 郭培 born 1967 Chinese fashion designer, best known for designing dresses for Chinese celebrities,

and in the US for Rihanna’s trailing yellow gown at the 2015Met Ball

Chinese Art and Couture historical and contemporary Chinese design, juxtaposing embroidered masterworks by China’s foremost couturière with Chinese artworks. 

Dramatic, sculptural gowns reflect influences from growing up in Beijing surrounded by Chinese imperial art and mythology.

Her creations express her personal take on contemporary fashion and aesthetics. 

Exploring her impact on everyday lives beyond the runway, the exhibition presents several of her intricate Chinese bridal gowns 

contemplation on how her references and re-imagines Chinese art and tradition for China and the world today.

Had  to see these 29 stunningly intricate embroidered masterworks before I take off as the exhibition will be over in Sep while I am still away. All pix taken@ACM by me with the 2 downloaded of Rihanna’s. Somehow all these remind me of Perankan designs, absolutely&amazingly beautiful and a feast to the eyes, but it does not mean that I want them.

Free full-house lunchtime concert with JoshuaTan conducting the SSO@VCH. It’s been while since I last heard the SSO performed and was surprisingly impressed as to how good they are and have come a long way to reach up to world standards.

A cheerful&lively programme, especially with Tea for Two (Tahiti Trot) by Vincent Youmane 1898-1946/arr. Shostakovich. Liked how the harp&triangle communicated with each other. The Copenhagen Steam Railway Galop by Hans C Lumbye (1810-1874) really made me feel like I was on the train. Tkx AudreyM for company and making my day.

Back (was there just yesterday!) to Funan for lunch@AFURI 阿夫利 Both Audrey&I had their signature dish, except that hers was spicy – tasty soup without MSG.

Thu: had to take this day to sort out the words in the mind so as to be as clear as possible, and not to confuse, mislead or misunderstood. 5-emails – HDB, NEA, MPTC, MunShengAC, and my lawyer have been sent and hopefully the situation will finally resolved after 3yrs!

Fri: TGIF – a good weekend to all. Happy 22nd Anniversary to L&J who are now in Norway visiting their Norwegian family – pix of all 6grandkids with their paternal great-grandmother, Ellen&grandfather, JohnK – credits to Linn.

Another location down the 1950s memory-lane where mother used to do her grocery here in this wet-market. Across the road from the yellow flowering tree, there used to a push-cart prawn noodles guy and we used to sit on the tiny wooden stools enjoying our noodles.

Today’s scene is nothing like what it was, but still do enjoy the varieties of both the market downstairs and the food upstairs – one of my favourites of this kind of market, except that the life-music could have lowered the volume!

Annual get together with Pat, Sim&Cheng. The TowKwarPop, started by 2 brothers in 1965 has been around for more than 50yrs since then – both the coffee and this TowKwarPop stall here are highly recommended.

Looking at the line@Hong-Heng Fried-Sotong-Prawn-Mee must be good too, that is usually how we judge the food of the stalls – next time round…

From the LAM TinYue branch, the eldest of the Orange-Generation LAM JenMun, nephew turned 60 last month and since I am into my last 6months in my 60s, time to catch up before heading off. Amazing that both Mun&wifeSK do not look like in their 60s!!! Can see both father&broKiong in him.

Appreciations to Mun&SK for dinner in Ichiban Boshi@United Square. Was so busy catching up as it has been many moons ago I last saw them. Forgot to take pix of food until we were finished, and judging that every morsel is gone (except scraps of chicken bones) must have been good!

Food pix taken from the display&menu later!

Long day but feeling totally blessed to have children, grandkids, nieces&nephews who make me feel proud to be their mom, mormor, auntie, grand-auntie and hopefully not to far in the distance, great-grand auntie. Appreciations&grateful for the Orange&Purple Generations. The new generation will be the BrownGeneration and hopefully will still be to witness the arrival of the new generation.

Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude ― AA Milne/Winnie-the-Pooh