Hot Hot Hot Again

9 May 2019 – AC Leaking Again?

IMG_3548Sun: met with 2beautiful feathered-friends sun tanning after their baths on my way by foot to the grocery. Exit11B on the ECP is full of life&activities, good to see ppl enjoying their Sunday and I will be making pasta for lunch-guests. Thank you Thomas&Fannie for the PinkKiwi – sweet&delicious and looks like a usual kiwi from the outside. You Can’t Judge a Book By Its Cover is quite appropriate here. Dinner with HKG visitor.

Much talking is the cause of danger. Silence is the means of avoiding misfortune. The talkative parrot is shut up in a cage. Other birds, without speech, fly freely about – 

While #1 was@Prom, #4 (6th place 4th grade girl)&#5@RunHard 5K; #2@State Qualifier Track Meet (rained out); #3@orchestra field trip to Atlanta. Busy times for the Fabulous5 in the USA. Pix&info credits to Linn. #6 in Norway who is camera-shy will be 8 in Sep.

Do remember how busy it was when I was in the US around this time of the year the past few years. This year, just too tired for another long-distance flight for now – taking a break for a few months to rest up after the HI trip.

For those who are abstaining from eating, drinking, etc for the Ramadan month ahead, may these beautiful inspiring lights guide&help them thru’ by staying healthy&strong. Am considering (just considering!!) to abstain from eating until sundown 19.08hrs when in CC with Suriani Muhd for the next 2weeks – die die with a T for a foodie 🙂

Tue: called contractor Vincent about the leaking AC – have to think about this is new suggested tray to make sure that the water will flow in my absence.

This happened exactly 3yrs ago and again will ask the same question, what if there are derbies caught in the outlet of the tube? Water will not flow out then!! Will need to check out this concept thoroughly before it becomes a permanent fixture.

At least this time round, the younger HBD person, Cao Zhiyuan was courteous&respectful with his answers to my questions who hard&soft copy me the above info as requested by me.

Not the best way to start the day, continuing with spilling some super-glue to my index&middle fingers, result from working on a cork-board! Consolation – one of my favourite ChickenBiryani@TekkaMarket for dinner.


Wed: the sky opened up this morning and a quiet day@CC. Book&magazine shelves in place tkx to AhHuat for making the shelves. Coffee machine that steams your cup with one touch and another touch to make your coffee, another level to CC – CozyCorner 🙂

Thu: AC serviced S$90 for 3units and now to wait for a quote to get the tray. Some ppl get cranky during the fasting month and need to take it out on others, so complaining about your neighbour might be a way! Maybe I am mistaken about what Ramadan is about!!

So Nature, Wit, and Sense must blasted fall,
Whilst blooming Ignorance prevails o’er all – James Miller

Quiet day again@CC. Ordered super thin-crust cheese pizza from Pat’s@OwlsBrew and they were yummy.

Another consolation, Green ChickenCurry from The Thai Society. So-so without pea-eggplant, which is a must for me to make good green curry – oh well tomorrow is another day and its Fri.

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