Coffee Roasting And Tasting

17 Jan 2019 – Life Happens, Coffee Helps!

Wed: a quick bowl of KoloMee on the way to the airport. AirAsia to SIN arr into the KCH gate 0930 and was deplaned by 0940, boarded 0945 and on the tarmac by 1000. Farewell for now KCH. Do not usually get a window-seat, but was assigned one by the computer this time round. Scheduled take-off time was 0950 and still managed to arr in SIN on schedule, 1125hrs, quite impressive!

It is just me? Or does anyone else have that nice feeling every time when landing in SIN, even just after 1+hr flight?? Maybe it is that you know things will run smoothly from the time you land, you are in a clean,cool&safe environment, efficient immigration, luggage usually already on the belt, getting to your public transport without any harassment – all that means a lot to any traveler, especially a jetlag-tired one!

The new Jewel in the background due to be completed sometime this year and a fleet of SIN-Airlines which I can never afford to fly with! Safe&sound back in SIN after a fantastic week in KCH. Too tired to do anything and time to just meditate&reflect for the rest of the day.

Thu: appreciations to NaotoOrui, the founder of The Musical-Box Museum for another educational&interesting presentation&sharing of Coffee Roasting&Tasting. 

Learnt about these 3coffee beans – Arabiac has smaller leaf and what a Peaberry bean is. 10-20yrs??? after planting before one can harvest the beans. Surprising Vietnam is the world’s biggest coffee producer.

Roasting, grinding (an aroma I can never get enough of), dripping (app 10grams of beans/before grinding, to 200ml boiling water) and tasting. Raw beans can be stored up to 1-2yrs; after roasting but before grinding 2wks-1mth in the fridge. Preferably grinding just before you drip the water on the grinds to savour total freshness. Personal favourite today is the Mt Killimanjaro Arabica roasted lightly.

Such a treat again with Mr Ouri’s cooking – soup of local pumpkin (+skin), tomatoes, chicken+broth (slow-cooked for 4days). He certainly is an excellent cook and has a refined palate. Surprise-treat today was a taste of this new Gateau Chocolat introduced by the owner and his cute toddler. Sinfully rich smooth&sweet, complimenting this cup of self-roasted coffee with every morsel.–tQfmk-_dSIhBIdQ_AbFTDBstQchFtN_PKkf2GxDT8

To top it all, this session ended by admiring the new exhibits in the museum – a music-conception (still under restoration) from the RafflesHotel (now under renovation), a musical cigarette-holder and a scarf by Hermès – 1st  here was 3yrs ago. Got a text from Yoshie later to apologize that she forgot to celebrate my Bday. Told her that this was the most perfect celebration and tkx to her for the invite.

flat,550x550,075,f.u3Coffeeology – espresso yourself, so many blends, so little time. Take life one sip at a time and stay grounded. Better latte than never, take time to smell the grinds…

Fri: TGIF, have been dreading this day – a tooth has to be extracted, but enjoying the early morning rains. Ended up with 2teeth extracted – double ouch 🙁 🙁 after 2hrs wait, costing S$300+ Need to check if there is any financial aid out there.

10411-13980-morethanAn afternoon@Parkway watching More Than Blue – a Taiwanese tearjerker (no tears from this movie-buff) where love is portrayed here as when the happiness of your loved one is of top priority! If only ppl can do that in their relationships, but the reality is what IS!! Since being a member on Netflix (tkx to Seb), have not been to a big screen for a few weeks but will catch some of the latest&Asian flicks (not available on Netflix) on the big screen.

Edited: today 18Jan 2019, 2nd-born decided to be legally married after 10yrs of cohabiting and a 7yr old son. Wishing them the best very.

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