Goodbye 2018

31 Dec 2018 – On The Eve Of 2019

Fri: TGIF and enjoy this last 2018 Friday. Here is the 2018 favourtie gift to myself. Have been eyeing this book-lamp for 3yrs ever since I first set eyes on it at the National Design Centre. But was not willing to pay S$300+ or even S$200+ when I saw it again early this year. Then a month ago, saw this online (certainly a copy!) for S$50.

Some of the shops@the EsplanadeConcourse have gone (no more HäagenDazs ice-cream 🙁 ) and new ones like this fully self-serviced cafe where there is no one there to hear or listen to your complains or orders@KissaKalm’s. Standing room only and the choices depend on what are in these vending machines!

The cafe is no longer – use to frequent this library when I first returned 20yrs ago and did not have my piano then. There was and still is a sound-proof room with a piano where you can rent hourly.

Tkx Audrey for catching up. Die die must try, Marinated Cockies Teochew style were absolutely delicious @FamousTreasures/Capitol Piazza. (tkx to Irene for her share). Wokfried-Squid with Cincalok+Lady’s Fingers/Okra, KL-style HokkienMee, Marble Goby with Preserved veg (on the salty-side) were good. Wanted the crabs, but they were out. It was buy 1dish and get one free promotion – total S$38 for 2 was affordable, otherwise too pricey for this stomach. The sweet cherry-tomatoes appetizer were unusual and I like the taste

Yummy Vanilla Soufflé@HoshinoCoffee. TigerSugar, some new gimmick Brown Sugar Milk Tea. Will try it when the novelty dies down and no more lines! Have been told that my fellow country ppl like standing in lines – crowds&lines are NOT my cup of tea!

Capitol building brings back memories of CHIJ school days where there was a Magnolia Ice-cream bar where I used to enjoy their chocolate milk-shake once in a while! Also when classes got boring looking out of the class room&assembly-hall (now MRT offices) into these rows of shops, but of course they were not so beautifully spruced-up then.

Sat: a welcoming quiet day to catch up with myself…

Sun: appreciations to Insessa for the pot-luck at her place. Quite an experience to change from bus to MRT CircleLine&NorthEastLine and LRT to RivervaleLink (3changes)Took over an hr from door to door costing only S$1.10 (senior fares). Nice to meet with new ppl and tkx to Philip for his yummy fusion Shephard’sPie and for the ride back. Saved me an hour and managed a short nap before the next gathering.

Thank you to Pat&David with nieces, grandnieces, nephews, grandnephews (Les&Ivy had to leave early) for a yummy BakKutTeh=meat bone tea – literally translated but actually more a savoury clear broth, consisting of fleshy pork ribs cooked for hours in a broth of herbs and spices, including star anise, cinnamon, clove, fennel seeds, garlic and everybody has their own way of making this. 1st taste for Greg who really liked it.


Mon: tkx to Kat&Greg for yummy roast-chicken dinner and to MeiPin for her delicious home-made cranberry-sauce. Paper-dolls with Devon, Russian-poker with Kiera and Scrabble with all the generations. It has been a long time ago since I stayed up until past mid-night for New Year’s Eve with poppers to welcome 2019. Appreciations to MeiPin for the ride and surprisingly the traffic thru’ OrchardRd&NicollHighway was smooth flowing with no jams!

Blessed&grateful to have family&friends crossing this life journey’s path. Good bye 2018.

Tomorrow, is the first blank page of a 365 page book. Write a good one – Brad Paisley

Over With Christmas 2018

27 Dec 2018 – And Life Goes On

Sat&Sun: blessed with good company of family – Daisy, Clement, Stanley, Darryl and friends – Sam, Calvin&Chris. Thank you for their wonderful company to lunch&dinner on this 4th Sunday Advent. For those good spot ppl Yoshie&Gareth trying to guess Calvin’s green circular pix, here is the spoiler for his creative pix – a green see thru’ cup on top of a lid-star…

Mon: pleasant 10mins walk (mostly under shade in well-groomed MP HDB estates and on 1over-head-bridge) to the Polyclinics. The doctor attending me there was complaining that he had to work on Christmas Eve, bringing back memories of a certain Grinch at the TanglinClub some years ago!! The consolation after 2hrs wait was no serious problems from the blood tests.

On the way from the bus-stop to Les&Ivy and tkx to them for a yummy dinner, tasty&moist turkey (not this rooster by the road!) from Goodwood Park Hotel. Those who drive might not notice the lovely&interesting surroundings around. I think this same rooster&his flock has greeted me not too long ago 🙂

A small get-together as auntie Winnie has to fly off back to HI early tomorrow. Welcome Kat&Greg+Devon&Eliott from the US and Lawrence from KCH to SIN. Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary to May&Albert who just returned from Rome. Devon there making sure that Santa will not miss this house tonight!

Got back by midnight: somewhere out there beneath this beautiful full moon, we are all underneath the same big sky. Near or far apart, here is to wishing each&everyone who is celebrating a Merry Christmas🎄PEACE☮️be with all from my family in the US/Linn, Norway/May and from me in SIN.

Tue: appreciations to Les&Ivy for hosting this delicious😋ChristmasDay🎄Lunch@the TanglinClub – blessed with the good company of 30family members (for once this is only family&their spouses+their families, ie everyone here is related by blood&marriage to Les&Ivy) of all ages, pix credits to one of the servers, tkx to David who did the set-up.

After a 3hrs semi-buffet lunch, needed to nap for nearly 3hrs and will not need to eat for another 3days🙃

Wed: tourist guiding Larry from the US on this hot&humid Boxing Day, St Stephen’s Day, also known as Wren Day or Constitution Day. Not sure how much longer more I can continue doing this? Was completely beat and snoozed on the bus nearly missing my stop! What happened to those days where I can go from brunch to dinner without needing to take a break?? Came back to another leak, wrote in to the MP TownCouncil with hopes of getting this problem resolved!

Thu: saw Lawrence off@T2 ChangiAirport. Unlike the OrchardRd decorations&lights. these are more appropriate for the season and quite tasteful to my eyes this year!


If you have the time to explore around when you are at T2, this Lego Mural by the children of the Befrienders Club is worth the time to look at, even the title appeals to me. Surprised (as I did not except such prompt response) from the MPTC informing me that they will send someone out to check about the leak this afternoon.

I’ve learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way (s)he handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights ~ Maya Angelou

Some Thoughts

21 Dec 2018 – As We Enter The Holiday Season

Mon: life is about being with family & friends and more so during the end of the year holidays knowing that time for the year is soon over. Appreciations to those making time to catch up and welcome to those traveling here to catch up. Appreciations to Carmel for lunch co. Unfortunately Kathleen (Carmel’s mom visiting from Ireland and Iren, who just returned from Norway), are both down with ailments. Thank you to Evelyn dinner co and for yummy home-made Tiramisu.

Tue: polyclinics for blood test and to CC delivering gift to Andrew. The expression Hanging by the rope came to mind whenever I see these colourful ropes! You can be sure that you are safe with these when & if you need them for work or play, some even strong enough for helicopter rescue.

Appreciations to PT with Aileen’s co for lunch@one of my favourite vegetarian places – New Green Pastures Cafe. Had to rushed back to get the cakes to put them into Clem’s freezer as there is no space in the tiny one I have.

Welcome back to SIN Larry from TX, USA – good to catch up for dinner at DinTaiFung and dessert at Privé@Paragon. Thought that the cheese split over this XiaoLongBaos=teamed pork dumplings, but turned out that it is how one can tell the chicken dumplings from the pork for those who do not eat pork.

Wed: @VivoCity flying high with my favourite Ben&Jerry’s Coffee-Coffee ice cream. Indian movie KedarnathUttrakhand floods that happened in 2013 where more than 5,700ppl were presumed dead.

Grateful to Daisy for the invite to an evening premiere of Mary Poppins Returns – a family movie for the festive season, thus spent the afternoon@Vivo.

Thu: thought I would have a quiet day to chill, but life is such that the kitchen ceiling had a leak and had to empty out the cabinate to dry and clean out the overflown basin there. It had happened before, (that why the basin was place there!) but the neighbour upstairs refused to take responsibilities then. Thank goodness when it happened some years ago and now again, I am here to take care of it, but will need to do something about it as I am not always here.

Fri: TGIF, last Fri before Christmas – a good weekend to all. Dental work@NDC and amazed at the nearly completed Outram Community Hospital (2020) which is by the National Heart Centre.

Walked to one of my favourite hotels – ParkRoyal on Pickering. Lovely to see the various shades of green flourishing so lusciously over the unusual different grey layers of concrete at this hotel. Such a clever way to soften the harshness of the hard concrete.

Tis The Season

16 Dec 2018 – To Be Jolly

Mon-Tue: hopefully the snail-mail will arrive to their destination in time for the seasonal greetings. The blog posting (except for 1more pix to be inserted on BoxingDay) is ready for the 2018 Season’s Greetings.

Wed: tkx to Ivy for delicious lunch@Paradise Teochew/Scotts Square, one of my favourite places for their mini egg-tarts. The chef here sometimes cooks for Les&Ivy’s private parties.

WOW! to all the beautifully decorated Christmas trees and to Chihuly’s works – my all-time favourite glass-sculptor.

Thu: back to the NorwegianSeamen’s Church to collect the Kransekaker bought@their Christmas Bazaar. Walking up that hill always tell me what bad shape I am in!! Never noticed these unusual red&yellow flowers growing on the same bush until today. Wonder what is the name to this??

Bus30 brings me all the way there and it is not often I take this bus. Passing by TemenggongRd gave me the chance to take some pix from the upper deck. Looks like some new construction on the old BATA shoe factory site. Buildings built-up on both sides of the road and the rambutan tress (back ground behind the coconut trees by the mosque) are sooo over-grown.

Welcome from HI/USA auntie Winnie (90yrs, wife of 12uncle John). What a lovely time reminiscing with someone who has an amazing memory of our time in TemenggongRd. She even remembers how I used to climb the trees there. Just snapped a pix of those from the bus this morning. Was it really 8yrs ago we last met in SIN?عيد-مبارك/

Fri: TGIF, running around picking up food for the weekend and Mon’s company.

Sat: @the market to buy a pot of poinsettia S$18. This new roasted&soup stall took the place of my favourite chai tow kway. The pix looks good, but will have to try someday soon.

Lunch with Henry and dinner with Leonard. Blessed to be celebrating this annual end of the year holiday season with family&friends. Caught up with Henry&Leo for their 2018 happenings. Appreciations to all good company for crossing paths in these last 2weeks to 2018. A mini WinterWonder-Land on my piano to remind me that it is winter somewhere out there in the midst of the tropical surroundings.

Sun: appreciations for good company to share a meal on this 3rd Sunday of Advent.

Kransekaker decorated by me for the holidays. Head-piece with multi-purposes was needed to top the cake during dessert time 🙂 Edible flower to be used for tomorrow’s salad, tkx to TingTing. Pix credits to Bev&TingTing.

Everywhere in the world, both historically and in contemporary cuisines, the use of flowers in food has been special and exceptional and the flowers themselves have always been included with intent and care, never accidentally or without purpose. Flowers are used in food by someone who cares about you, and who cares about the beauty of what you are about to eat ― Constance Kirker

2018 Season’s Greetings

2018 was blessed with 6months of travelling to be with family&friends in Borneo, HongKong, UK, USA, Canada, Norway&Italy. As age catches up, the energy for such extended long-distance travels goes down! Not sure if I will be able to do what I did in 2018, but will try my best to visit as many as possible in 2019.

Jan: Kuching, Sarawak/E Malaysia with Lawrence&Mabel, Chuan&family+HS visiting from SIN. A new pedestrian bridge, DarulHanaBridge on the waterfront.

Mar: HongKong with Les&Ivy+David.

Apr: London/UK with Yat-Soon&family+Yasmine.

May&Jun: SC/USA with Linn&family; AT-hiking buddies in VA/USA.

July: SC/USA with the FaBuLous5; AT-hiking buddies and the last time with Bear in ME/USA.

Aug: Toronto/Canada with YunLAM, Jessica10thUncle TSANG YanChuen (1st meeting with him), KarLIng&Henry, Winnie&hubby+AnnaTSANG (maternal side), and Lock&May LAM.

Sep: Norway/Tromsø with Ellen (Linn&May’s paternal grandmother age94); Trondheim with Anne&family; Oslo with Olai#6 and his parents.

Oct: Puglia&Rome/Italy with early 1950s childhood friends PP&Ian+KK.


Nov-Dec: SIN with John+family and cousins visiting from Australia/CL, China/CE, NZ/CS&JW, USA/Wilki. With some of my siblings+their families during our annual Christmas lunch, using this 2013 pix as it is the best when we first saw what this popper was about!

Life is such that beginnings and endings are neither. For in fact, they perpetually lay the groundwork for the other ― Craig D. Lounsbrough

Red-Generation: grandparents, the generation where all have passed on
Blue-Generation: parents
Green-Generation: me
Orange-Generation: children
Purple-Generation: grand kids
Brown-Generation: future great-grand kids


9 Dec 2018 – Movies@Shaw Cinemas

Wed: movie time and 1st time checking out Nex, a regional shopping mall in Serangoon, within the NE-Region. Nice stomping grounds with a public library on the roof-top 7floor and bus interchange+MRT in the basements.

Cinemas, all kinds of shops, eateries+food-courts, 24hrs gym facilities, banks, etc conveniently under one roof – what else more could I ask for. In additional, the Shaw cinemas are the only ones offering S$4 for senior tickets, all the others charge more than S$4.

Thu: tkx Gel for dropping by with lunch, great catching up.

Fri: appreciations to Seb for his high-tech assistance and good to catch up over dinner. Strangely enough the last 4movies watched all started with the alphabet L – Love Actually (old flick I like to watch in Dec!) Last Letter (unhurried style ie on the slow side), London Fields (reminder of a femme fatal),  Life Itself (as literally as the title and if I were to give it a tagline, Such is Life!).

Sat: appreciations to Audrey for explaining about the rituals in the temple for those who have passed on, today paying respect to Betty. The ashes can be in another location where you can pay your respect, usually  on ChingMing festival, also known as Tomb-Sweeping Day. Now I understand why cousin CC has his tablet in SIN.

Chinese pay their respects to the dead throughout the year, so they also keep tablets with the names and sometimes the pix of the deceased at temples where the maintenance and the chanting of the monks are part of a package. Am amazed with the Coke cans creativity – reminded me of the movie The Gods Must Be Crazy (1980). No disrespect or offence here, but if I remember correctly this was a cute comedy flick.


WUFC8473Thank you to chefs Jamie&Giovanni for the yummy food@The Terminal Cafe – a combination for a memorial to Betty and a Christmas lunch. Chose this location as this is where we had our last lunch together. This lovely bird (Balearica regulorum) gray crowned crane, quite a tongue twister!) crossed our path in the car-park but nobody knows where it popped up from. Someone suggested that it might be a runaway from the bird-park, but then the bird-park is nowhere near here. Why did the bird cross the road?? Bird pix credits to April.

Collage set-up credits to May – food pix credits to Audrey. We have both April&May for company 🙂 Menu: omakase, ask the chef if you want the name of the dishes!

4peaceSun: 2nd Sunday of Advent, and how I do hope&pray deep down in my heart that ppl can live with love in their actions, mind, speech&thoughts. Need to get all the Season’s Greetings completed and out in the mail by the beginning of the week. Sent a Halloween card in Oct and it took 3weeks getting to the US even-though Surface-Mail no longer exist – Snail-Mail has truly earned its reputation. Card&letter writing seem outdated but there are still a handful who like to receive a hard-copy.


1st plate of Char-Kway-Teow, literally=Fried-Flat-Noodles (delicious&oozing with cholesterol) since returning to SIN. Was passing by one of my favourite locations (Zion Riverside Food Centre) for this dish served with ‘hum’ (blood cockles)+crunchy pork lard, and there was not much of a line. Also to have dinner with Clem before he takes off to work in KL for the week.


Was pleasantly surprised by this pix of John&Linn posted by AT hiking buddy John/MoFo this morning. After a few query messages, discovered that they just ran the Kiawah-Island Half-Marathon, proud of my 1st-born who came in 2nd for the Female-Master. He heard her name when she got her award – small world, pix credits to Erin&John.

When you run the marathon, you run against the distance, not against the other runners and not against the time – Haile Gebrselassie

Welcome Dec 2018

4 Dec 2018 – Less than A Month to 2018

Fri: TGIF and the last Fri for Nov2018. Getting the fruit-cocktail ready for tomorrow, usually taking much time cutting up fruits, but then they are at least fresh fruits of my choice 🙂

Sat: the day@MtE keeping Jo company thru’ her tests – she was admitted last night. Nieces Pat&family are away and Sue had to work. Thank goodness all tests showed no negative results. Like this fresh juice machine in the lobby and S$2 for a cup is reasonable&refreshing.

1st 2018 Christmas gift completed and the 1st 2018 Christmas gathering starts. It’s getting to look a lot like Christmas – let the party begin for this season! Cork-wreath pix credit to Calvin who has spruced it up with lights+van&trees! Packages of sweet goodness made by me and pix credits of that and Helen&I to Helen.

Cheers&appreciations to Calvin&staff+friends@CC for ringing in Dec. Fun night with the merry-makers – large group pix credits to Dennis.

Overdosed of proteins and alcohol – did not have the chance to take pix of the abundance of food behind by the kitchen counter. Supposedly to be a HAT theme, but only 1 or 2 on-takers besides myself.

Sun: welcome to cousins ChengEn/China, ChengLoon/Australia, ChengSong&JiaWen/NZ, Jason&Sara/SIN for lunch in my hood/EastCoast and to share and exchange info about the family heritage on this 1st SundayAdvent. Good to catch up with them and life is such that it takes a funeral to get the family together!

Missing the rest of the Green-Generation in the pix – 5siblings/SIN&KCH, cousins John/SIN, David&Wilki/USA, Lock, Yun&Chai/Canada; Annie/SIN. Yat-Soon/UK, Ken/SIN, David/USA, Yeng/Canada, Jing/?, Klaus, Susannah, Edith/Canada, Wilson/SIN, Fiona/Japan. TOTAL 34, including 5 (Lulu, Kiong, Robert, Desmond, ChengChawn) who have passed on but excluding spouses in this generation from our common grandfather LAM SongKee (Red-Generation).

Mon: back to MtE to check on Jo, everything is good and she should be home tomorrow. A good week ahead to all on this Mon. Getting into the mood of Christmas in the tropics is not always easy and here in TanglinMall, they at least try to create some winter feelings! Agreeing with DickLee here – maybe some ppl think Christmas is another fairy-tale!!![Emarsys_Newsletter]-20181203&extid=6934d0cfb7b252f1ae9f0dbddf5ff88ca8637e77&fbclid=IwAR0qKohoHC3jYqP2pnHueeublYtvvKQFS0zQCdpCsymoVxrxZdk4WhIkB_w

To Mark, AmyR, KatieM&DianaB and to all celebrating – Hag Hannukah Sameaj, Happy Hannukah –  may the glow of all the candles being lit for the next 8 days all around the world, bring the much needed light into our beautiful and complicated world.

Pix credits to Susana Garcia Behar.

Tue: finally the annual seasonal decorations are up within my 4-walls and welcome to this new angel into the rest of my angel family. Thought that there are enough to my collection, but this one speaks to be. The word angel derives from the Greek angelos meaning messenger. Go figure out what your messenger is trying to tell you!

It is impossible to see the angel unless you first have a notion of it – JamesHillman

13 Happy Bday Ingrid HUSTAD

16 Happy Bday Andy LAM

19 Happy Bday Rita Tann

21 Happy Bday Anna Tsang

23 Happy Bday Minos LAM

25 Merry Christmas

27 Happy Bday Lisa XIAO

28 Happy Bday Peggy LEUNG