The Intouchables

22 Jan 2019 – The Upside

Sat: still some bleeding from yesterday’s extractions! Taking it easy to do paper work and filling out financial aid forms.

Sun: welcome back to SIN Ann and tkx for Michelin-Starred Ramen@Konjiki Hototogisu 金色不如帰 Great World City with Ivy. Had their signature dish with the clear-soup-based Oyster-Shio-Ramen, tasty and hit the spot for me who has just lost 2teeth! The only problem was that I kept mistaking the end of my stitches in my mouth for noodles 🙂

Was there 11.45hrs (opens 12n) to stand in line as reservations are non-existence here. 5ppl were ahead and was seated before 12n. Ivy&Ann arr by 12n. Took a longer time in line to pay as their system was down, ouch – how dependent we are online nowadays! An afternoon visiting with bro Steven and sis-in-law, one in a home and the other at home! Plz shoot me before I get to that stage!!

Mon: phone rang as I was just about to take the bus for a scheduled appointed with the financial aid ppl. The call was to clarify that being a public patient, am entitled to aid, thus they will re-adjust my payment – yeah, no need to make a trip to NDC. More movies and prices have gone up to S$5 for seniors, and bus-fares too, up a couple of cents.

A remake of the 2011French movie The Intouchables, The Upside is about the unlikely friendship between a wealthy man with quadriplegia and the unemployed man with criminal record he`s hired to help him.

Seen The Intouchables a couple of time, a positive and feel good movie, but once is enough for Upside. Do enjoy the opera arias in both movies.


Tue: Happy Happy 17thBday to #1. Someone plx tell me that she cannot be 17?????

With all the hype of the Super-Blood-Wolf-Moon, took an extra early walk to EC-Pk this morning. No howling wolves or red colour, but still beautiful and the most serene time to be out.

Trees in the moonlight are just as beautiful.

Do not usually stop by MarineCove on my morning walks, but did so today to discover that the McD here no longer has 24hrs-service. Instead My BriyaniHouse next door is 24hrs, good to know and a Teh HaliaTarik (ginger milk tea) S$3 – would not make this a habit, but glad that there is a 24hrs eatery just within 5mins walk if needed.

Appreciations to Carmel for yummy lunch in good company of Kathleen&Ivy in Carmel&Soon’s lovely home. Safe journeys to them all. Group pix credits to Cian.


Found a pix from 2014 blog-posting of their home then and tkx to Carmel for the now pix where the garden is lusciously green and beautiful. She did mentioned that KokSoon, her husband, my cardiologist like gardening! It sure looks like the SecretGarden I always wanted! Not only is he a good cardiologist, but he also has a green-thumb.

The flower that smells the sweetest is shy and lowly – William Wordsworth

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