Musical Box Museum

21 Aug 2015 – SIN First And Only

Tue: saw Lawrence off at T2 and did some promotional shopping for MoonCakes at BeeChangHiang. The carry-on size bag finally broke down and got a new one that is quite visible 🙂 Always enjoy being in the world’s best airport.


Wed: great with catch up with Gel for a cuppa and good to see that she is better and bought a place of her own. Thx Calvin for dinner at KretaAyerFood Centre****Chinatown complex. Been awhile since I ate fishhead, and the cheeks are my favourtie parts!


Thu: tkx to Yoshie for arranging this exciting preview tour at SIN first and only Musical Box Museum to be opened officially in Sep/Oct.


Appreciations to our gracious host and the founder Mr Naoto ORUI for showing his collection. He has moved his collection from Minamichita Music Box Museum/Japan to SIN this year.


The smallest and most expensive in his collection, a Swiss made app 200yrs old which he exchanged a château in France for this! Absolutely delightful sounds.


One that nearly went on the Titanic and fortunately it did not. And another with an interesting Jude-box style, probably the first Jude-box! The history and stories related to some of these boxes are fascinating –  one with a ring stuck in it and another which was covered with dirt and only after cleaning could one see the semi-precious stones.You will have to go and see it for yourself to enjoy them.


IMG_4116IMG_4231IMG_4232IMG_4234 ChongHock

An amazing collection under the roof of the old ChongHock Girls’ School, one of the earliest Hokkien girls’ school in SIN, now a heritage site with the 150+yrs original tiles on the floor and the side of the wall.


This old heritage building commands a fantastic skyline of the ThianHockKeng Temple from the upper floors and here is when you can find great contrasts of the old and new – and where East Meets West!


Our gracious host extended his hospitality with lunch where there was enough food to feed an army at JuChunYuan****Located at FarEast Plaza and have not been there for eons. The last time there was quite a fun unforgettable dinner mystery and it was under different management and name then.

Fri: and peace be with y’all for a wonderful weekend.


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