USS Missouri

18 Aug 2015 – Weekend With Family &Friends


This is so so very sad. Prayers and thoughts to all those affected and condolences to those who have lost family and friends.

Fri: at MtE as Lawrence was there for a minor surgery. His immediate family is in KL with Mabel who just had one of her knees operated on. The other one to be done when she has healed from the 1st surgery.


Sat: a lovely time catching up with niece Sue&nephew Clem. Raise the red lanterns, thus starting the Hungry Ghost Festival! Bad enough with the these explosions and bombs, now the mess with food, burning rituals adding to more pollution in the environment πŸ™

Devotees burn joss sticks and pray for the visiting spirits of the ancestors.images


Sun: breakfast & lunch with Lawrence, Les & Ivy. An afternoon at CC to catch up with Calvin&Chris who recently returned from the US with gifts – do appreciate that someone was thinking of both ends of my spectrum πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


All the apologies will not bring back all the life lost from any wars. Why it is that we do not learn from other people’s war and not have more wars??? πŸ™

Emperor Akihito struck a more apologetic tone than Mr Abe, with an expression of remorse for the nation’s wartime aggression. ‘I earnestly hope that the ravages of war will never be repeated’ he added.

Don’t we all hope that too but just look and read about all the unrest of today’s world and you too will wonder…

The USS Missouri came to mind…

Surrender of the Japanese on the USS6623846_6_lIMG_4060

Almost exactly 70yrs since the end of WW2. Allied forces formally accepted the Japanese unconditional surrender aboard USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay, signed at 09:04hrs on 2Sep 1945.

Late maternal 8th uncle EddieTSENG (1915-1988, may he RIP), was one of a handful of reporters aboard who witnessed the signing and the very first to report the news to the world (because there was only one radio onboard and he drew the short straw!). Thank you nephew AronTSENG for updates and contact. His grandparents were a gracious and charming couple.


USS Missouri was taken out of moth-balls and reconditioned for a good-will trip around the world in Sep-Dec 1986. Was so fortunate to be able to fly around the world to meet this battleship and to enjoy all the receptions on board in HI/USA, Sydney, Tasmania & Perth/AUS, Istanbul/Turkey, Naples/Italy, Palma and Lisbon/Portugal.

1986Lisbon PortugalIMG_4071

The guys & me! had to be transported by tenders to get on land then – pix from Lisbon/Portugal, last port of call. Thanksgivings dinner on board for the 1986 trip. Had food poisoning on land that day felt miserable πŸ™ but smiles πŸ™‚ were expected to all the VIPs that evening. All’s well that ends well, flew off to OSL/Norway the next day to meet L&M who were attending the OSL American School there while I was globetrotting.

Mon: met with Lawrence at MtE to take him to lunch…


As I am writing this post, breaking news of a bomb just went off in BKK with many fatalities. OMG what is happening???

You are the strength of the weak. He is not known through burnt offerings and ritual chanting – Sri Guru Granth Sahib

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