The English House

29 Oct 2018 – A Reminder Of The Good-Old-Days

Sun: how I enjoy any day with the tranquility pitter patter of the rains and today especially when body&soul are still recovering from the past 6months non-stop on the go! Some new purchases to keep me company – the water feature to provide more humidity for a dry cough, tiny stained-glass angel to protect an old delicate hand-blown glass heart♥and ceramic hanging tile.

Appreciations to a dear nephew Clement for a lovely Sat evening where an Old World Charm was brought alive@The English House. This colonial-chic interior decor with good English food (never thought I will say that 🙂 ) is highly recommended.

Restaurant with rooms (rooms are slated to open 2019), low-top marble tables (a reminder of the old coffeeshops), a mix of Terry O’Neill photographs and English carnival-themed sculptures is the dinning ambiance.

Tasty Oxtail Broth En Croute which hit the spot for me.
Beef Tartare (special of the day) – could have done with less salt.

Honey Roast Belly Pork Marco Polo – marinated in honey, it is served with crispy pork skin, HorFun, apple sauce and pan juices – yummy.

Braised Black Angus Beef&Tendon Pie – tender&tasty. Like the broth, the crust of the pie is excellent and that is what the English are good at.

Bread&Butter Pudding (pix credits to The English House), not your usual but was as smooth as valet. The strawberries with meringue&ice-cream was sweet. Had some left overs pork and what good idea to have to sign for it. That way the take-away is at your own risk and that is how it should be.

Made time to even do some food shopping@IKEA later since I had a ride!

Tonight, Sunday’s dinner@House of Peranakan Petit – not hungry but went to catch up with the Wong branch of the family who I have not seen since 4th auntie passed away in 2016. Tkx for including me. Time has really gone by, Josh (19) and the twins Jagger&Jordan (16)!

Was at this venue in 2016 and enjoyed the food here then. Today, the stomach had only room for dessert! SagoGula Melaka – pearl sago pudding drenched in palm sugar and topped with creamy coconut ice cream.

Some good and some sad news:

Congratulations to Irmo High School XCountry for making to States. Pix credits to Elizabeth. Keeping my thoughts&prayers and fingers crossed for Katy&Ellie for a good&safe run and to their Coach Hall for good health and safety somewhere@Sandhills, SC USA on Sat.

Condolences and thoughts&prayers to all affected at the mass shooting at Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh.

Mon: catching up with Wilki@Chinatown – even all these murals are new to me.

Appreciations for lunch&foot reflexology massage at our usual hang-outs and tkx to Daisy for good company. Always be good to your feet, they hold you up and take you to where you want to go! So long cousin, for this time round.

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