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2 Nov 2018 – An Oct With Jetlag And The Flu

Tue: LionAir crashed with no survivors. Condolences, prayers and thoughts are out to all affected. Memories of a LionAir flight in 2006/7 when the family was stationed in BandaAceh after the 2004 tsunami and when I also said that I will never fly with this airline again! Considering how much I travel with budget airlines to say some thing like this must mean that I really was not comfortable on that flight!


Safe flight to cousin back to HI. Grocery&movie day – A Star Is Born with BradleyCooper&LadyGaga performing amazing jobs with their roles. Another reminder what love&stardom can do to different ppl.

A sad ending and for those who are sensitive would blame it on what Rez last said to Jackson. Yes, one is responsible for one’s own action, but no matter what – inflicting guilt on anyone is not compassionate or kind. And even less so when someone is an alcoholic or drug dependent.

Wed: Happy Halloween and a safe Trick or Trick to all. The last time with my USA gang for Halloween was 2012 and the last Halloween celebrated in this house before it was burnt down (Sep2013). Where have all those years gone???

2018 pix credits to Linn – not sure what #1&2 are, but guessing that they are doctors in scrubs?? Love the Viking, Princess and Dinosaur.

Great to catch up with Jeffery for brunch. Happy for the local fruits purchases@the neighbourhood fruit stall. 4different varieties for S$5.80 papaya, pineapple, DukuLangsat (Lansium parasiticum) and Ciku (sapodilla/Manilkara zapota). Used to have these varieties (excluding the Duku) in my childhood home. Heart fruit (人心果) is the Chinese name for this local Ciku and we had 2 Ciku trees on our land. The bats used to visit these trees at night when there were fruits on the trees.

@GH to say my goodbye to Betty after these postings below from AudreyW. Unless a miracle happens, she will be off life support sometime tomorrow. Prayers and thoughts are out to her and the family. Will so miss her cheerful smiles.

Update 2 – The doctors have done what they could. Thank you for your prayers and My mum is on life support now and is Blessed with people around her that came to see her one last time.

Update 1 – situation is pressing and she needs another surgery to ease the pressure on her brain…keep your prayers for her recovery.

Update – My mum is out of surgery but still need to monitor..keep your prayers for her recovery.

Please Pray for my Mum as she is going for an Emergency Surgery on her Brain now, due to a Fall on Sunday.

Thu: @the Polyclinics – they want me 100% well before any shots or tests and quite rightly so. This flu has been dragging and could only recently smell and taste food properly again. Also the ears finally popped back to normal. A reason to celebrate with foods from Glory.

Fri: TGIF – a good weekend to all.

2 Happy Bdays  HongSze and JohnK/Ireland

8 Happy Bday Beverly

11 Happy Bday AudreyM

13 Happy Bday Yee Fun/NZ

15 Happy Bday Chris Tay

19 Happy Bday Yulis

27 Happy Bday DaisyC

29 Happy 11th Bday to my grandson JohnW/USA

30 Happy Bday Chai/Canada

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