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6 Nov 2018 – Happy Deepavali/Diwali

Sat: a trip to Little India just before Deepavali – enough Chicken Biryani&crowds to last me for the year, until the CNY 🙂

Some cheerful mural art: 6 pillars of TekkaCentre. Cattleland 2 by EuniceLim. MadanMogra, Jasmine of the City by NadiahAlsagoff, a tribute to the SIN migrant workers.

The name Tekka comes from TehKiaKah or TekKah, a Hokkien name meaning foot of the bamboos, a reference to the many bamboo plants growing along RochorCanal.

Buildings of interest:  House of TanTengNiah – one of the last surviving Chinese villas in the neighbourhood.  SriVeeramakaliamman Temple – one of SIN oldest places of worship, this Hindu temple houses reliefs and statues that survived the bombings of WWII.

Do enjoy the ambiance of the festivities with all the colours, lights, food, flowers, etc as long as I can just take pix and not have to be pushing in the crowds.

Met this young man Martin from Germany who was in SIN for a holiday and liked it so much that he is now here to work for a year. Good for him and hope that his stay here for the year will be filled with good experiences and adventures, have offered to show him around.

Condolences to Audrey&family – it is hard when death is so sudden. At Betty’s wake with Clem. Nice to be able to share a bottle of wine with Jamie&Giovanni@my place and to hear about his hometown in Sicily. They run The Terminal Cafe@Seletar Aerospace Crescent/Airbus Asia Training Centre where we (Betty, Aud, Clem&I) were over a year ago. Must go back there sometime soon – a celebration of life to Betty.

Sun: did not plan another trip around Little India – as we all know in life, things do not always go as planned. Great to discover this 4-storey-playground@CitySquareMall. Must give it a try on a weekday after the school holidays – a good gift voucher to those with active kids. Sharing food@FoodRepublic and watching the workers busy with the Christmas decorations outside.

Window-shopping around and tasting foods for Christmas gifts ideas. So far, am delighted&excited over what is in the imagination&mind! Looking forward to starting with them.

Mon: tkx for yummy India food@TanglinClub on the eve of Deepavali. An interesting&valid question was asked regarding my postings&blogging. Some ppl misread that I am unhappy for posting so regularly! Sharing positively and constructively is how I communicate + also for the memory, posting like these do help. Tkx for the concerns – can honestly say that I am not unhappy, but there are certainly ups and downs and not sharing the downs on social media is a choice I made a long time ago.

Tue: Happy Deepavali – enjoy the holiday.

The lights in LittleIndia are one of my favourties at this time of the year.

Attended Betty’s funeral and since@Mandai Columbarium, paid respects to my parents there. Later a visit to 4sis-in-law who now walks with the help of a walker.


A breeze on the bus-ride thru’ the CBD on a public holiday – Anson&Robinson Rds.


Esplanade Dr&Nicoll Highway

May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out ― JRR Tolkien 

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