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11 Nov 2018 – My Favourite Coffee-Coffee Ice-Cream

Wed: strange to see this location so empty. The moving of TPT (opened 1972 and was SE-Asia’s first container terminal then) to the future Tuas mega-port is in progress. Very unlikely to see the new TuasTerminal which will not be ready until 2040!

With real estate needs changing rapidly along with consumer and business trends, it could make sense for land use planning to evolve more flexibly ahead of changing needsMsTan. 

5 Weddings – an American journalist travels to India to do a magazine feature on Bollywood weddings. To add to her issues, her mother asks her to track her father, who left them when Shanaya was a little girl and deliver a parcel to him. There she overcomes her own prejudices about the culture, the people and discovers more than she had hoped to. Entertaining and an enjoyable way to pass 1+hr. Must be the Festival of the Lights attracting me to these Indian foods&movie…

Finally found my favourtie CoffeeCoffee ice-cream here in SIN@VivoCity. Will be back!

Have always wanted to try this KCH KoloMee – will definitely not be back!!

Thu: after a good 10hrs sleep on a wet and storming night last night, ready to fix things around the 4-walls and mending clothes – still do mend clothes and darn socks!

Fri: heavy morning rains was nice. A trip to the OrchardRd area@CathayCineleisureOrchard to discover that it is under renovation and the B1 good chicken-rice stall is no longer. Japanese movie – The Travelling Cat Chronicles is about a kind-warm heart young man who has a cat named Nana, but, due to circumstances, he is unable to take care of Nana. He travels with Nana to find a person who will take care of Nana. During his travels he meets with his childhood friends and his first love. Not a cat person but rather touching with this special bond of man&cat.

Sat: have not been to NUS campus and decided to check it out since I was going to be there for a concert. Just cannot get enough of the greenery there.

Indeed an impressive campus – makes me want to go back to school again. The idea of 1hr30mins on the bus to get from the East-end over to the West-end will change my mind with that thought, unless I can get a room in those high-rise doms!

Looks like there is plenty of on-going activities for the weekend.

Nice covered walkway over AYE linking to the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum Faculty of Science and the Yong Siew Toh YST Conservatory of Music.

The sky opened and poured buckets, but no worries considering all the eateries here! Choice was Foodclinque to feel the fresh cool breeze and yet protected from the heavy downpours.

Appreciations to Yoshie for the delightful evening@YSTCM

A full house enjoying Dohnányi&Dvořák Piano Quintets with the T’ang Quartet-Albert Tiu And Friends. Tkx to Joseph for the ride back to the East-side, saved me an hour on the bus! Group-selfie credits to Yoshie&George.


Sun: introducing Glory’s Popiah&Chendol to Yoshie. Pix credits to Yoshie. Tkx to Les&Ivy for Sun dinner and for an amazing and surprised gift.

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