33rd ASEAN Summit 2018

15 Nov 2018 – Shopping Spree Mood

Mon: 33rdASEAN Summit here in SIN started, so avoid the Suntec area unless you want to be stuck with the road closures, traffic delays, etc etc. Chaired by SIN PM Lee HsienLoong for 10ASEAN countries, heads of 8 key partner nations of ASEAN, security has to be really tight!


There is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing. (If only the US President knew this quote, he might have dressed appropriately and have some decency!) Let the experienced staff Campers’Corner help your upcoming holidays to be a good one. Fantastic sale ending Sun18Nov on the 1st-floor@51WaterlooSt.

Could not resist these deals and I thought I have all the outdoor&sports gears I needed! 5thCharco sandals but 1stChaco bag!!

Many tkx for a beautiful and surprised gift from my bro, Les – a golden pearl which I never knew existed! Golden South Sea pearls typically come in sizes larger than most other types of saltwater pearls. They come from the largest pearl-producing oysters on the planet. Once the saltwater oysters are bead-nucleated, it can take up to 2-4 years for them to fully form, so they are quite rare. All of these factors make it possible for the hosts to produce very large pearls – 


Bought tickets for SIN-KCH-SIN (S$68) on AirAsia for mid-Jan2019. Looking forward to catching up with family&friends and eating the local foods there.

Tue: appreciations to Faith for a productive shopping day@Giant&IKEA. Thrilled to be able to use my IKEApoints for Gravlaks&SiewMai brunch – 1,000pts+S$3.

Wed: had to get some materials, etc for sewing and Spotlight was offering 30%off for members tonight; 50%off@Watsons. PlazaSIN has 300+shops and services for your choices. Made time to watch my 1st Tagalog (must be the influence of the ASEAN on-goings) movie First Love – Nick gets attracted to a photographer with a congenital heart disease who is waiting to be selected for a heart transplant. Soon, the two become each other’s inspiration to live life to the fullest. Beautiful scenes from Vancouver/Canada.

Nice to see this SIN showcase of Instagram photography by the National Youth Council NYC.

Enjoyed watching a young artist in the making.

Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter – OscarWilde

Tkx Clement for dinner company. Looks like PlazaSIN is ready for the Christmas and I am far from ready! No excuse now that I have much of the shopping done – just need get out of the lazy mood and into the creative one!! Will try and pick a location on OrchardRd to share the Christmas lighting on FB starting this Sun2Dec, first Sun of Advent.


Thu: Happy 40Bday Chris who is a father to 3kids, still looks like a kid himself and easily mistaken to be a bro of his own kids…

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