Sad Sad Family Updates

20 Nov 2018 – Christmas Bazaar

Fri: TGIF – a good&safe weekend to all. This is as far as I can get where aging, politics and religion are concerned. And this is another good one for seniors like me and many of my friends (whether you want to admit it or not ) – LAUGH, with or without teeth 🙂 when you still can.

Sat: annual visit to the Norwegian Seamen’s Church where I can get kransekaker and good baked-goods. They have offered to stored them for me as I only have a small freezer. Will be there again sometime mid Dec to pick them up.

The cranes in the background@PasirPanjang Terminal will be history when the Tuas Port is ready! This year the hill up here seems steeper, ie short of breath to walk up!

Besides the baked-goods, some accessories+a new angel to add to my collection.

Nice to make a new friend, Idah and to catch up with such an international group with Iren/Norway, Lulu/China, Carmel/Ireland& SIN. Good open-faced sandwiches and tkx to Iren for sharing her fresh baked goods.

Delightful German Brass Band, Posaunenchor Singapur and the sight of a young new eye-candy pastor –  blame it on Carmel who commented that the churches in Ireland would be packed with young ladies if he was preaching there! Not blind yet, so do enjoy your sight fully while you still have it 🙂

Thank you to PatLynn&David for yummy dinner, and to Lucas&Beth for dessert in their lovely new home. Congratulations to grandniece Beth who will be starting in Pri1@KatongCHIJ for the next school year. Kids pix credits to PatLynn.

So very sad sad news from cousin ChengEn – ChengChwab, the 2nd son to 17thUncle, LAM TinYie (3sons with 2nd wife, youngest ChengLong lives with his family in Australia with his family and 1daughter, JiaWen and 1son, ChengSong with 3rd wife in NZ).

CC had a brain hemorrhage on his last day in BKK and died there tonight. He leaves behind a wife and an unborn child. CE will be heading to BKK from China to bring the body back to SIN. Condolences, thoughts and prayers are with him and the family.

Sun: thank you to nieces Judy&Daisy, nephew Clement, grand-nephews Stanley&Darryl who made my day after such sad news from last night. Yummy Japanese lunch.

Premiere of the movie WiFi Ralph@GV-Suntec – cute flick where you can find all the Disney princesses, high-tech games in social media. Quite a crowd with the Disney’s staff and their families. Pix credit of me to Clem.

WiFi, or is it WiFie?

Tea@Just Dough – colourful steamed baos with different fillings, tasted a different bite from the young ppl. Very appropriate logo&name, too doughy for me but enjoyed by the others.

Dinner@Marché – had a taste from all the young ppl’s dishes, a raw NZ oyster, Bruschetta (missing the fresh basil) and CremeBrulee (none of them wanted to taste) for myself. Appreciations to my family for pulling me thru’ today@SuntecCity.

Mon: M1 tried to deliver this when I was out last week, do not even know why I am getting this FOC nor do I know how to use it, but thank you and will try to learn to use another new toy – nice screen-saver pix!

Given the blatant deceit regarding the biologically harmful effects of antenna towers, cell phones and WiFi radiation, one can only wonder what is going on with all of the other forms of radiation ― Steven Magee

IMG_0372Tue: welcome back to SIN Lesley, who is here to work for a few days. Nice to catch up with her again@FoodRepublic in CitySquare Mall – can it really be 7+yrs ago when we last met? She now lives in SanJose/USA with her 19cats+8foster cats, now she is what I would call a real CAT-Woman and she does not have time to hike the way she used to…

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