Ibsens Peer Gynt på Gålå

27 Oct 2018 – Ticket For A Play In 2019

Mon: apologies to all who have been trying to reach me on my mobile. Did not realize that it had to be ‘reset’ after I returned. Duh, done now and still alive. Tkx for the concerns.

Managed to gather some energy for banking and got the USBstick off to PP. Like to get this kind of errands done while still fresh in the mind. Was glad to discover that the bank is running an incentive, did the TTA online and the transfer fees are waived.

Tue: kept cousin Wilki co@his favourite Indian mutton soup stall@TekkaMarket. Still unable to smell of taste, so will wait with eating all these yummy foods. He is only here for another week and will have to try and get him to all his favourites.

He is the only cousin and actually the only person who spent time outdoors climbing tress, roaming around Temenggong Rd&Mt Faber with me in the 1950s. We have much fun reminiscing our childhood together.

Wed: 16auntie took Wilkie visiting with 10, 11, &13aunties. Another day to to rest up.

Thu: Wilki was at my place and managed to introduce him to the EastCoastPark as he has never been there. The line of ships out on this coast always managed to amaze most ppl. Lunched@HillStreet CoffeeShop/Marine Cove where he had the DryMincedPork Noodles. Appetite still not there, just had a lemon/honey drink.

Dinner@Jo’s. Got to know my cousin better today when he told me about his VietnamWar experiences where he was seriously injured. This was a war with major consequences for those who lived there and those who fought there.


Fri: TGIF and being typical SIN, stood 2hrs in line for a free HPB HeartRate monitoring fitness tracker. This is with conjunction with the National Steps Challenge Season by Health Promotion Board. Good soup dinner@TiongBahru Plaza Kopitiam since I am in the area. Tkx to Clem for meeting up.


How exciting for this Fall Orchestra Concert – IrmoMiddle School&IrmoHigh School Orchestras with a VikingCellist (#3, the only grandchild born in SIN) playing in the same concert with his sisters. Pix credits to Linn.

Thank you to Jack who was in HKG for the week and got me a signed copy of Martin’s book. Looking forward to checking into these trails next visit to HKG. Pix credits to Jack.


Sat: Happy 94Bday to Ellen, the best grandmother for L&M and great-grandmother to #1-6. She has recently moved to Tromsø to live with Cathrine. Pix from since she turned 90 and credits to Cathrine


Some exciting news from Norway – Neste sommer blir spennende for denne karen! Med tanke på foreldrenes kulturelle meritter så må vel dette tegnes som en ørliten overraskelse next summer will be exciting for this guy! In view of the parents’ cultural record (both parents are medical doctors!) this must be a little surprise! Pix credits of Peder to GD.NO 

The last time I saw this little feller was in 2015 with all his siblings&cousins. Looking forward to catching up in 2019.


My one&only god-daughter, Guri’s son Peder Kjøs (9) has been chosen to play the role of young Peer Gynt – ordered a ticket (NOR800 S$133) to see the play for 10Aug 2019. Have always wanted to see this outdoor performance of Ibsens Peer Gynt på Gålå.

To live is to war with trolls in heart and woul.
To write is to sit in judgement on oneself – Ibsen’s Peer Gynt

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