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21 Oct 2018 – And The Trip in Italy

Fri: TGIF – being under the weather is the body’s way to react and I will have to listen as there is hardly any energy left with this persistence cough. Just need to rest and now add to the injury, unable to taste of smell anything – good for the diet but not sure if this is the way to die(t) 🙂

Sat: am truly blessed with amazing grandchildren. They made my day and made me a happy&proud grandmother. Katie&Ellie in XCountry RegionChamp (pix credits to IrmoAthletics) with their greatest supporters Linn, Jeff, John, Sophie&James (pix credits to CindyHall).

Congratulations to Ellie for her perfect scores on state testing (pix credits to IrmoMiddleSchool). Will have to start using their names instead of # now that they are ranking in their academic and athletics achievements.

Have rescheduled my weekend plans so that I can fully recover. Was too much on the go the past 6months and did not listen to my body when I should have, now to pay for the consequences!


To my non-SIN family&friends, these are good times to visit SIN so that they can soak in the festivities and get a break from the winter for those in WinterWonderLands. Beautiful lights@LittleIndia, OrchardRd, Chinatown, GeylangSerai to look forward to on this 721,5km² SIN island. The diversities of cultures&foods are highly recommended and can be enjoyed by all for Deepavali/Nov, Christmas/Dec, CNY/Feb&HariRaya. Pix from various years postings.

Sun: still have to settle the accounts with PP and to mail her the USB stick. Also looking forward to receiving hers to update this posting. Highlights from us for the Italy trip.

KKThe Roman Theatre/Puglia. Pix credits to KK.


Ian – Matera drive up the Aegean Coast & Rome. Pix credits to PP&Ian


PP – keeping us alive. Driving up the coast and having lunch on the deck. Pix credits to PP&Ian

Me – meeting NikĂ© Arrighi Borghese&family@Palazzo/Palace Borghese in Artena. 

Thank you for good driving and for getting us all safely thru’out the trip. Not an easy drive thru’ the historic districts in that huge car, would have been easier to drive one of these tiny one on those narrow cobble-stone roads 🙂 No pix of the first car which was not suitable, tried loading the luggage to discover that there was no way to fit them all. Just the licence plate of the next car and finally success with the 3rd car. Forgot to take pix when it was fully loaded.

The ppl you travel with, may they be family, friends or strangers in tour-groups play a big part in the trip’s success. Travelling with my oldest friends is the trip I always look forward to the most. We decided to catch up at different places and our first trip was in WA 2009. Who knows if, or where&when the next will be?


Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life – and travel – leaves marks on you – Anthony Bourdain

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