Italy (4) 2018

30 Sep 2018 – Gagliano del Capo To Rome


Sat: condolences to Honey&family for the passing of Bear who I recently caught up with @2018TrailDays in ME. Such a privilege to have him crossed this life’s journey.


Last morning@our regular coffee-joint – our guy let me have a taste of the local liquor – Vecchino Amaro de Capo (the most loved Italian liquor), which should be served chilled. At a temperature of -20°C, the mint, aniseed and liquorice emerge in all their strength, while the herbs create a fresh taste.

Headed the other side of the heel towards Gallipoli. Tamer coastline, but with different beautiful blue shades of the Ionian Sea. Leuca, a charming seaside town where there is an underpass from some hotel to the beach and interesting Moorish designed houses.

Quite a unique place, SunsetCafe, Capilungo especially the restroom signs. This must be the only place on earth where there are so many do NOTs apart from SIN.

Winds were strong and was quite surprised to discover that these cairns are not cemented together. How on earth do these remain in tact??

Coastal Garden Racale@TorresSuda (The City of Folly).

Lunch@Marechiaro in Gallipoli – 1st taste of the larger type of raw bloody cockles, delicious

The old charming town is located on an island by the Ionian Sea, on the west coast of the Salentina Peninsula. 

Baroque cathedral of Sant’Agata (17th century). It has a richly decorated façade in carparo, a local limestone, with niches featuring statues of saints.

Church of Santa Maria della Purità (1661).


Last night with a beautiful sunset on the roof-top in this lovely house@Gagliano del Capo and was too tired to go eat out. Had simple and left-overs to clear out the fridge. Was hoping to have a night-cap at the local cafe after our guy gave me a taste of Vecchino Amaro de Capo. But alas had to pack – will have to pass love this time round 🙂

Sun: up bright&early on the road to Brindisi airport to return the Avis rented car (EUR200 S$318pp for 10days). Quite a nice airport for a small place – tkx to KK for this pix of the tired travelers on an uneventful less than 1hr flight.

The uber ride from FCO into Rome was quite a drama – poor driver hit some unavoidable metal debris from an accident ahead and we had to change to another van on the lay-by of the highway. Cough got worst, but thank goodness for travelling with medical doctors who ensure me that I will live 🙂

Nice accommodations on the suburbs of Rome by the Aventine Hills, one of the 7hills in Rome.

Good views of St. Peter’s Basilica and The National Monument of Victor Emmanuel II (Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emanuele II)

Sant’Anselmo all’Aventino


Ppl-watching while we had something to drink and nice to see an elderly well-groomed couple playing cards and seemed to be enjoying each other.


Basilica di Santa Sabina  – the oldest basilica in Rome, built between 422 and 432. Ppl here put themselves on a 2yrs waiting list to get married in.


Villa del Priorato di Malta – at the northern side of the square the monumental entrance screen is located. The villa is best known for a small keyhole (Il Buco Della Serratura) in the arch-headed central portone, thru’ which the copper-green Saint Peter’s Basilica’s dome can be seen. Line was too long, will return Tue morning. Too tired to go out to dine, group got me some yummy bacalhau.

Cough has been persistent and now worse. Tkx to PP who started me on anti-B and another course of steroids. This too shall pass.

It’s not bad to cough. But cover your mouth when coughing. It’s not bad to complain. But cover your mouth when complaining, else you’ll spread infections of complains on us! ― Israelmore Ayivor