Italian Shoes

18 Oct 2018 – ALODD By Aldo Lipari

Mon: things in the apt are more or less uncovered and can breath again but not so quite there yet where jet-lag is concerned ūüôĀ

Tue: lunch@ImperialTreasureNanBei and to settle my debts for the Italy trip. Tkx to KK, finally had a bowl of decent congee that I have been carving for. Pix credits of Aldo&I to KK.

Also to meet with Aldo Lipari, owner of¬†Dimora Sant’Elia, the¬†house we rented in¬†Gagliano del Capo, Italy. Not only does he has good taste for his property, he also happens to be a good shoe designer – appreciations to him for explaining about good quality shoes.

Some Italian shoes have long standing reputation for their quality and style. Bought my first pair of Italian shoes BrunoMagli app 40yrs ago and still have them, except that I am unable to walk in those heels any longer Рbut the quality and style are timeless.

ALODD are made only for men and in SIN, you can find them@Takashimaya. Highly recommended to all my male friends who are looking for quality, comfort&style (causal or formal) in their non-hiking footwear. Feel the soft leather and check out their piping-seam&hand-sewn soles, only way to prevent the shoe from cracking&separating from the sole as time goes by.

Even I who is reluctant to wear closed-shoes here in the tropics would be tempted to get a pair. Good shoes are important as they take care of your feet, the foundation that supports the rest of your body.


Wed: tkx for my favourite PrawnNoodle, but where is this crowd from in the middle of a working week? Was not feeling my best – besides chicken soup, a yummy bowl of this can work wonders, tkx to nephew.

Pix credits to Hannah

Excited to see a young friend who has recently started her cycle journey from Germany to SIN – a few days ago somewhere at the Elbe near Tangerm√ľnde/Germany.¬†Looking forward to following their trip which they have estimated to arr in SIN sometime in early 2020.¬†Good luck to Hannah&Heiko and a safe journey to them.

You are only young once, and if you work it right, once is enough –¬†Joe E. Lewis


Thu: have not been really at par for my usual self with a cough returning to keep me awake the past 2nights. Off to the polyclinics and have been given meds for the flu. Again, another coincidence Рbumped into one of my neighbours as I was trying to hail a cab and she insisted to drive me.  During the drive she told me about her sister who was a classmate from Dublin days, should go look up Linda when I am back in Norway again. Need to rest now Рthe downsides as the years go by.