Hong Kong 2018

12 Mar 2018 – Hello Hong Kong

Sat: Indonesian food@IndoChili/TanjongPagarCentre and again tried to order this beautiful combination dish but was told that it had to be done in advance. Oh well, will try to remember to call in advance to order if we decide to eat here again.

Dessert@Henri Charpentier. What a delicious combination of foods for one afternoon. As planning to see iLight Marina Bay 2018, but was too tired after all these yummy foods and do have to pack, so will have to wait till after HKG trip.

Guess who is at the Marine Parade RCs’ Chinese Lunar New Year 2018 dinner? Bon Appetité to Emeritus Senior Minister Goh Chok Tong, Yusof Lateef and to the MP residents&friends attending this celebration.

Would not have taken these pix, if not caught with the lion&dragon dancers as I was going up to my 4-walls after a lovely bday celebration afternoon in town.

Sun: up bright&early to catch the 36bus where I can admire rows&rows of beautiful Bougainvilleas (previous posting) on the way to T4.

Hello HKG – on time and uneventful after 3+hrs CX flight. Met Les&Ivy who were on an  SQ flight and were waiting for their baggage in HKG T1 while I only had a carry-on. Had planned it this way, hoping for no delays from my CX flight so that I could ride with their to the hotel.

Bus into CrownPlazaHotel@TseungKwanO took an hour on this beautiful day with Les&Ivy+his golfer friends. The views of the suspension bridges and the skyscrapers against the mountains never fail to fascinate me, especially on such blue sky like today.

View from Les&Ivy’s 45floor-suite, and silly me who was hoping to get a good view of Clearwater Bay!

Entrance and lobby.

My room on the 8floor (not much view but no complains!) for the next 4nights. T on the 47floor.

So nice to catch up with David and thank you for yummy seafood dinner @SaiKung. It has been a looong time ago since Ivy, Les, David & I got together, so long that I do not even recall when? must have been in Dublin when we were all still students there!!

Always enjoy the ambiance and scene@SaiKung. Last time here was exactly 6yrs ago after the MacLehose hike and could certainly not afford to eat here. Abundance of fresh and dried seafood and looks like Les&his group are not the only golfers here!

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