St Patrick’s Day 2018

17 Mar 2018 – Welcome Pinky

Mon: a beautiful day being a tourist on the BigBusTours in the TsimShaTsui尖沙咀 area. Have always been fascinated with the chinese character for tsim尖=sharp and the 2 characters making up this word is little  on top of the character big 

A walk thru’ The Peninsula which opened in 1928 and expanded in 1994, this hotel combines colonial and modern elements, and is notable for its large fleet of Rolls-Royces painted a distinctive Peninsula green. Heritage 1881 – The Former Marine Police Headquarters Compound constructed in 1884 is one of the four oldest surviving government buildings in HKG.

Now a private sector to preserve antiquities by revamping them into a tourist attraction. The project opened as 1881 Heritage in 2009 and what a treat@VanGogh Senses.

@Imperial Treasure Fine Chinese Cuisine 御寶 1 Peking Rd, TsimShaTsui

Must be in food&wine heaven tonight. Appreciations to all these ppl for their fine wines and thank you to Alfred Leung for a very memorable meal.

The fish-soup, goose and spring-chicken were out of this world.

Tue: Popcorn shopping mall@Tseung Kwan O將軍澳 and a pleasant surprise to see a ToastBox (SIN food-chain) here, no not that there are any intentions of going there!

Finally a bowl of delicious HKG dumpling noddle-soup+yummy roast pork&char-siu. Have been craving for this since I landed and my patience have paid off today.

Thank you to Liling Ong&Jibaan for the scrumptious PekingDuck@YanToh Heen/InterContinental Hotel/TsimShaTsui

Another fine dinning experience complimented with a bottle of Latour/1999 from Ivy&Les.

Wed: dim-sum lunch with Liling@FookLamMoon 福臨門@WanChai has an illustrious reputation of being dubbed the Cafeteria for the Wealthy as it is a Chinese restaurant frequented by the rich and famous. I like that the name literally translates=fortune and blessings arriving at your doorsteps. Also very impressed at the head-waiter who discreetly moved Lilings’s chopsticks+holder to the left-hand side of her plate when he noticed that she is left-handed.

Of course must ride on the ding-ding even for a few stops when the tracks are just located a few steps from the restaurant. Unlike my other HKG trips or any other trips, not many steps have been taken!

Dinner@Modern China Restaurant on the 7floor of Holiday Express/Tseung Kwan O , tkx to David, one of the golfers.

Appreciations to Les&Ivy for the wines, but unfortunately there was no ice in this location and could not taste the champagne and white wine. Interesting dessert, a kinda of doughnut with red-bean paste filling served with icing sugar.

Left the big-screen TV on and fell asleep but was woken up this this beautiful piano music from the one of the Pride&Prejudiced movies starring Kiera Knightley. Was somehow so absorbed with the music and continued to finish watching the movie.

Thu: Happy 13th Birthday to Ellie. Decided to try out the smoked-salmon with hard-cooked egg at the breakfast buffet since I have not tried breakfast here for the past 3mornings. Pix taken from the hotel’s interesting staircase center-piece lamp.

Had the most expensive bowl of wontonMee at the airport – HK$68 S$12 and after+++ HK$142 S$24. Has been quite a gastronomic experience for this HKG trip and the first time in HKG without out hiking! Uneventful on schedule CX flight back to SIN and crashing before mid-night. Tkx to Les&Ivy for this fine 5*dinning F&B trip and now to detox, as been told to me my 2nd born!

Fri: TGIF after about nearly 12hrs of sleep. Unpacked and did laundry. Laptop still unable to type but could receive all incoming messages. Posting pix was no problem but had to copy and paste for captions. Rather frustrating.

Sat Happy St Patrick’s Day to all celebrating. Happy Bdays to niece PatLynn and to grand-niece Beth – what are the chances that mother and daughter born on St Pat’s day?

Tkx a million Leonard for spending a whole afternoon to shop and set up this new laptop for me. Let’s hope that this ASUS E203NA S$400 laptop will remain pink in health for a looong time – welcome Pinky which weights less than 1kg! Would have got a green one today if it was possible!!

When I get to see pink elephants, it is time to check my eye-sight! But for now, hopefully Pinky will tickle me pink and keep me pink in health… 

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