Perfect Fit For My Feet

9 Mar 2018 – Chaco Sandals

Tue: FB reminder that it has been 6yrs ago Grace & I hiked the 100k HKG MacLehose Trail, started at Section10 (2Mar2012) and ended at Secton1 (6Mar2012). Wow – am impressed that the young handsome LokMan remembered that we met at Tai Mo Shan 957m 3,140ft (Big Hat Mt) then!

The Mercy***a true story of amateur sailor Donald Crowhurst and his attempt in 1968 to win the 1stGolden Globe singled-handed round the world yacht race. Being a fan of Colin Firth, had to see this movie even when I knew the ending. Firth is good as ever, playing the role of someone with the sense of selfishness&foolishness who’d sooner drown than admit defeat. Glad that neither sailing nor pride are in my blood!!

Tkx to Ivy&Les for dinner – best melon (Crown) I have tasted is from Shizuoka/Japan, tkx to Yoshie for the melon info. Glad to be able to make some plans for this Sun dinner when we get into HKG.

Wed: condolences to Christine, Steven and Carolina for the passing of their father. Not that they remember me but I recall uncle KanYuetFai as the smiling kind gentleman who visited my father regularly after father’s stroke. Wanted to pay my respects.

Have not been to MtVernon for a while and was slightly confused with the new 4-lanes+turn-lanes road and constructions of new blocks on both sides. The old 2-lanes UpperAljuniedRd is now a dead-end, but the trees are still as lush as as ever.

Thu: Happy International Women’s Day and here are some interesting combinations of these Chinese characters.
= woman
ānn = peace by adding a roof over 1 woman
hao = good by adding the character child next to woman

2 more characters using 女 which were omitted in the poster!
女女 nuan = quarrel by adding 2 women together
jian = adultery by adding 3 women together

We hold these truths to be self-evident: that all men and women are created equal – 

Had fun meeting with Jeffrey today – tkx for MeePok lunch and appreciate the FinnishLiquorice he brought back from Norway. Spent a lovely afternoon relaxing on the trendy & portable chairs, sipping beer@Campers’ Corner Summer Sale. Could not resist buying 2pairs of Chaco (S$50 per pair). Jeff also bought 2pairs+a portable chair.

Considering that I have been wearing Chaco for nearly 20yrs – first pair was destroyed in the house-fire 4yrs ago and got another pair after the fire. So these 2 new pairs should hopefully last for this life’s journey!


Winter pix credits to Mette who took it from her place in OSL today. Beautiful as it is, do sometimes wonder how I survived over a decade in those Norwegian winters, especially those darker winters in Northern Norway??


Fri: TGIF and Happy Birthday to SueLynn. It is Bougainvillea time and this is what you will see on your way to and from the airport on the ECP – the only SIN expressway which the last letter behind uses P! Many overhead bridges are also full with these beautiful Bougainvillea blooms too. ECP pix credits to Nparks.

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