Scotts Square

19 Feb 2017 – Dale Chihuly



Thu: needed this day to rest after a day like yesterday and knowing the socials planned ahead! Some of the sculptures and art displays outside Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station where you not only See the World Through Rose-Coloured Glasses, but with Multi-Coloured Glasses!!


Fri: tkx for dinner@Les&Ivy where we all contributed. Les with his yummy clams and mussels, Kat&Greg with their delicious thin-crust pizza and me with gravlaks. Even the shellfish were happily drenched in bubbles 🙂


Sat: @Scotts Sq – first time in this trendy place where everything is out of my budget, but had fun looking.


Was delighted to see one of Chihuly’s (favourtie contemporary glass- blower) works. Pix taken from inside out and at different floors. Walking by in the daylight, would have not step in here or noticed it thinking it is just another shopping mall.


Interesting display of Fashion Meets Art.  In collaboration with Scotts Square, the works of the top 12 finalists are displayed at the ‘BAZAAR Art Prize’


Somebody plx photoshop in 4 of my favourite guys here – lol 🙂


Tkx to Les&Ivy for fine dinning@Paradise Teocheiw Restaurant*****and also time to say goodbye to Kat&family before they head back to the US.


Seafood and veggie (Mustard Greens) – fresh and prepared to perfection.


Excellent braised pig-intestines+tofu, O Luak or O jian (耗煎) fried oyster omelette (pix downloaded, had better ones at the hawkers!) and something new for me – Crispy, Sweet and Sour Noodles in Teochew Style 潮式干煎糖醋面(pix downloaded). Noodles here is made from duck’s egg-white, deep fried and then you add vinegar and sprinkle on the sugar to your own taste.


Of course being in a Teochiew place, Greg had to taste their dessert, Orh Nee 银杏芋泥 – Yam Paste With Gingko Nuts (pix downloaded). Had a spoon of Les’s, being health conscious, the OrhNee is now made without the pork lard and does not have the umph, but Devon liked it. Les’s wine as usual complimented this evening’s dinner.


Good night for now Scotts Sq, will visit again.


Sun: tkx to Mil for dropping by and for bringing lunch. Wanted to go to Amoy St to watch Yip YewChong painting the mural, but had to take a nap instead 🙁 Pix credits to Yip YewChong & Yuen Oeij. Maybe next weekend, if it is not completed by then.

Work in progress of the Thian Hock Keng mural at Amoy Street. Many people were surprised when I explained that the shoreline was right in front of the temple (in this photo, it’s where the tall buildings are). The mural is, in a way, educational – Yip YewChong

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