3 Feb 2017 – Senior Status

img_4268Tue: finally changed to senior pricing – here in Norway, 67 is when you are able to be considered a pensioner qualifying for pension and half-fares on public transport.

The adult fares in OSL range from NOK33-113 S$5-19 and for seniors NOK17-57 S$3-10. Compared to SIN where a senior can travel around the island for less than s$1.


OSL central bus terminal is making a fashion statement with umbrellas and an elephant sweater by Marius Ekdal Gomas.


Grocery shopping at my favourite grocery, Jacobs – like the red colourful scooter display. There is a flower shop beside here but usually get cheaper flowers from the foreign workers road-side stalls – 2bunches of cheerful fuchsia pink Hyacinths for NOK50 S$8.50.


The sweet, lingering fragrance of Hyacinths filled the room to compliment May’s lovely Chinese Money Plant and Easter Cactus. Looks like she has a green thumb. Olai’s winter decorations too, look happy 🙂


Sunset from the balcony –


Wed: above 2pix credits to Linn. Congratulations to Katy for her driving permit. Seems like yesterday when Linn got hers driving the RedBug. Today Katy is at the wheels of this tank and as Terry commented – Good idea, agree fully with him 🙂


img_4313Tkx Ingrid for the lovely tulips and for driving us to Norges musikkhøgskole for a Mozart concert. Been awhile since my last concert@a music academy. Pleasant 1+hr with Ingerine Dahl (violin) a Norwegian Master student at the school with an rather unusual name – accompanied by Serbian pianist Milan Rabrenovic who finished his Master and Postgraduate studies at the U of Stavanger.


img_4300Thu: Olai was not up to daycare, spent the day building Lego and out of all these, am unable to find enough faun&flora to build a garden!

Need to buy or order some white picket fences and flowers so that there will be Lego gardens from a grandmother who is from A Garden City 🙂

When you rise in the morning, give thanks for the light, for your life, for your strength. Give thanks for your food and for the joy of living. If you see no reason to give thanks, the fault lies in yourself ― Tecumseh