LHL-klinikkene Feiring

1 Feb 2017 – Non-Invasive Heart Ablation

Fri: TGIF and the eve of CNY. Procedure was supposed to be at 12n but did not start until 1400hrs. Having to fast since 0700hrs made me quite hungry – thought of food was not the priority. Needle already in place in the arm for whatever necessary meds.


No full anesthesia, but with pain killer injected in the arm as needed when the wires were going from the groin area to the heart. Knocking me out is not good as I will not react if anything goes wrong. Not that it was painful, but uncomfortable and the thought of needles&blood are never a calming effect for me!!

1730hrs: was told that they might have to give me anesthesia followed by shocking the heart which was disheartening to hear, but then a few minutes later, was told not necessary – phew! That means the ticker is back to normal and hopefully will stay so until the rest of my days!


Sat:  Kúng hěi fatt choì – recalling happy memories from CNY childhood days with views of Mjøsa from the hospital room. Feeling blessed and grateful for all the good ppl here who have been courteous, friendly and professional making the procedure and 2nights stay here a hospitable 🙂 one!


After a small cup of cappuccino and a self-made open-face sandwich with cheese, egg, ham, herring, beets, cucumber, tomato (nearly all the food-groups in one sandwich), was discharged and transported via taxi to


img_4318img_4319Eidsvoll, where the Norwegian Constitution was written in 1814; pop of 23,811 in 456,5 km². Was at the train station dropping off two other patients while the taxi continued driving me to May’s doorstep in OSL. 1hr drive which would have normally cost NOR1,855/S$+317 – paid NOK146/S$25, being subsided.

It would have been cheaper by bus, but my backpack weight more than 5kg and was still bleeding slightly when discharged. First time in my life I had a conversation with a taxi-driver for an hour and indeed an appetizing ride – we shared a common passion in FOOD and exchanged different dishes. Appreciations to the taxi-driver from Valdres who is going home to cook curry tonight.

img_4254img_4253Welcomed by the inviting aromas of a delicious yummy home-made chicken dinner and fresh bread just out of the oven. Tkx May.

Tkx for wine from Leslie, the first day of CNY was ringed in with good company of M&B and Olai.

Sun: still feeling tired and in this cold grey weathers, it is easy to rest and doze. Looking forward to Feb with a regular ticking heart – unlike the clock at Eidsvoll Station, as beautiful as it is 🙂


The neighbour’s house across the road is up for sale (valued NOR6.5mil) – viewed it at the open-house session, buying was not in the budget or mind. Wanted to see what M&B’s place and Bicks look like from different angles.

16427288_10154804313871550_2075988267473293959_n2017_world_mens_handball_championship_logoCongratulations to the Men’s Norwegian Team who won Silver at the 2017 IHF World Men’s Handball Championship in France. Way to go, Rasmus Aarflot – Marketing Chief for Norway’s Handball Federation. Am impressed with the Norwegian Handball teams, the Women won Gold in Dec 2016.


img_4256Mon: have make sure that I can take it easy so as not to cause any bleeding where the needles were inserted in the groin area. Have been taking extra care cleaning and putting fresh bandage on regularly. Looks terrible (pix to remind myself!) and still a bit sore, but what I will not do to feel and hear my heart beating regularly again!!

img_4263Silly me, forgot to hand in the clinic hotel key upon dep, and now have to take a trip by bus (would have prefer to walk) to the post office. The overnight rain turned most of the white to grey wet slush, not ideal conditions to be out walking. Anyway the body and energy level is not up to normal yet!  Outdoor temp is now 7°C.

2 Feb – Happy Bdays Cathrine & Garry. Happy Groundhog Day!

4 Feb – Happy Bdays Lawrence & Kurt

14 Feb – ♥ ♥ ♥ Happy Valentine’s Day♥ ♥ ♥

15 Feb – Happy Bday Guri

16 Feb – Happy Bday Mike/ LOON

20 Feb – Happy Bday YatSoon & Henry

24 Feb – Happy Bdays Bjørn and Calvin