A Lesson In Norwegian

6 Feb 2017 – The Norwegian Is A person With Few Words


Fri: TGIF and Happy Birthday Everyone – being the 7th day of the CNY known as Rénrì,人日, the common man’s birthday, is the day when everyone grows one year older. It is also the day when tossed raw fish salad Yuishang魚生, is eaten for continued wealth and prosperity. Jessie&Frank’s is the best I have ever tasted! 28 ingredients with raw 西刀鱼, Xi dāo, wolf-herring – all freshly and thinly hand-sliced. Any others are just OK.


Tkx for meeting up at Bicks, Kris. Nice to catch up and appreciate the home-made mushroom soya sauce. Prefer this taste from the other soya sauce, not so salty and more natural. Delicious when cooked with salmon as salmon can sometimes be on the fishy side.

_93949235_gettyimages-125010265Being in Norway now, need to share the link below – makes you think twice about travelling or visiting the US. Do give yourself longer connection times, if you are travelling there and have connections to make. And that too is of course in my mind! Pix credits to Getty Images.




11164825_1601290980082610_4010550483126561223_nSat: the weather here is quite erratic, blow 0 one day and above 0 the next. Still prefer below 0 as everything seems brighter and cleaner. One has no choice but to accept and make the best of what Mother Nature provides! The Norwegian is a person of few words, but not Olai, who is a Norwegian of many words in both Norwegian and English 🙂 🙂 🙂


Neighbourhood Skating Carnival organized by Ullevål Hageby. Impressed at the wonderful warm neighbourly ambiance with hot chocolate, coffee, home-baked cakes and grilled hotdogs for sale.



Minion and a neighbour princess was there for the beginning but he had to leave early for dinner at his maternal grandfather’s. Good to see many taking the effort with such neat costumes. Heard the fireworks ending in the comforts on a warm sofa, dinning on yummy shrimp omelette with herbs! Norwegian eggs and shrimps are the best.


Sun: hypnotizing and mesmerizing watching the snow fall. Last time I saw snowfall was in Oct/Nov 2008! Must try to find a classy snow-globe! A short stroll to watch Olai taking a pause from his outdoor play for a warm blackcurrant toddy. Nice creative stone-deco over one of the neighbours door!


Grocery shopping at this new shop@Damplassen Kolibri – one of the few grocery stores open on Sunnice place but over-priced! One package Wolf-berries, Dates and Chia-Seeds, NOK235 S$40+


Appreciations to May for a delicious belated Bday scallop dinner and cheese dessert.

Aurora’s popularity have been in great demand lately, especially from ppl overseas. First meeting was back in the late 1960s and yes it was and still is amazing and fascinating, eventhough our last meeting was in the late 1970s.