27 Jan 2017 – For The Heart


Mon: pouring rains this lovely Mon morning with many flash-flood warnings! Take care and drive safely.


Tkx Leonard for dropping by to say hello & goodbye! He just arr today from Brunei to celebrate the CNY with his family in SIN. Now here is a real fan of StarWars and maybe Legos too!!


Wet and rainy evening with heavy rains as this TurkishAirline took from from SIN on schedule, first time on this airline. Decent deal RT tickets S$700+. So far no complains, lucky to have 3 seats on my own which will enable me to lie flat down for parts of the journey and hopefully get some cat-naps.


Tue: SIN-IST 12+hrs, including take-off and texting into the jet-way, arr into IST airport on schedule. Like NRT, one has to go thru’ security-check even for transfers. The only problem was that the line for the security-check was nearly an hour long and here I saw with my own eyes a custom officer opening a bottle of whisky and pouring it into a garbage container!!!



Have been in IST in 1966 and 1989, but first time in this airport. Enjoyed the shopping –  €57 (S$88). Even with an hour in line, still managed to buy all that, image what I can get with another hour 🙂


Flight from IST-OSL not full, managed to get a row of 3seats and got some rest. Food is pretty decent and the 4hrs flight flew by quickly with good views over the Black Sea, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Poland and Sweden.


Arr OSL on schedule, took the airport Xpress train RT NOK180 for senior (S$30) into town, left the baggage in the locker@the train station NOK60 (S$10) and walked to deliver some papers by Rådhuset. Absolutely hypnotizing beautiful and so tired that I could just fall asleep standing admiring the Wonders of Winterland. Good to see the family – dinner@Bicks.


Wed: delivered and picked Olai from the daycare. Spent some time playing games and building Lego with him, such a delightful child to be with. He liked the cookies and stamps.


Thu: bus to Feiring (NOK45 S$7+for senior), 1+hrs and 85k N of OSL. Buses & trains here are like Japan, usually on the dot. Dep 1010hrs arr 1140hrs.


Lovely clean-cut simple wooden church from the 1800s and was lucky enough to stumble into the pastor who showed me the interior. Pop here ca 1,000; area 102.45 km². Somehow, churches in many places seem to have the best location and sites, including this which over looks down to the lake, Mjøsa.


Feiringklinikken – a private cardiac hospital with my own hospital-hotel room and bathroom before the procedure. Will be moved to another room with all the med equipment etc hooked up after the procedure.


img_4225OK food, tonight’s dinner was chicken curry (more like chicken stew), salad, chocolate pudding with vanilla sauce. With all the tests completed and results cleared for non-invasive cardiac ablation procedure – even the needle is ready in place in the arm (or rather it was left there after one of the tests) for the whatever meds etc needed. With all these on-going needles, will at least be ‘holey’ at the end of this 🙂


Tomorrow is another day and que sera sera. In the meanwhile let the Rooster crow in Good Health and Prosperity to us all. Enjoy all the CNY foods and get lots of red-packages 🙂

Even when there is no rooster, the morning will still start African Proverb

US Presidents

22 Jan 2017 –  Happy 15Bday To 1stGrandchild, Katy


Thu: tkx to Gel for being so thoughtful, bringing my favourite Beach Road Prawn Noodles (East Coast) to celebrate a belated Bday lunch. Nice to stay in the comforts of ones own surroundings, chatting away on a wet afternoon. Told her about the accident yesterday and decided to file a report at MP Neighbourhood Police Station.


Living in public housing has many advantages – just a stone-throw way, ie less than 5mins walk is the CC/library, police station, future MRT station,


food-court, wet market – usually there before 0600hrs with just a handful of people, thus, no need to be in line for eating or shopping.


There is a PCF Kindergarten (ground-floor of Blk46) and many desirable schools (across the roads). Disadvantage – heavy traffic when schools start and end. If necessary to take the bus around those times, will walk a bus-stop further (depending on the direction heading), towards the CC or towards St Patrick School on MP Rd.

Tkx for dinner at Jo’s.


Fri: TGIF from SIN. On this eve (writing in SIN time) of the inauguration of the 45th US President, memories of Ronald Reagan who was then the 40th US President when we moved to CA/USA in 1985.

Our first time then in the US/Mickey&Donald LaLaLand with the Puddeys visiting. Only in the USA where a movie star and an apprentice can become President! Have been told time and again that sarcasm is not the highest form of wit, but sometimes wit and joke can cross the line and depending on your frame of mind to take it as the former or latter 🙂 Those who know me well also know that I am not witty, so must be a joke – lol 🙂



Sat: with the CNY less than a week away, fun to see ppl out getting flowers, foods, etc for reunion dinners and the CNY celebrations. Abundance of beautiful colourful plants with flowers and or fruits are such a feast to the eyes. Made an exception to be there after 0700hrs to take pix of the festive crowds but not to shop!


Thanks to Calvin, Staff&Friends@CC for a yummy ‘brain storming 🙂evening’, to Roy our wonderful chef, to Yoshie for the best sake made by her family from glutinous rice&fresh spring water in the Japanese mountains. Do not usually drink much sake, but this was too good to pass – definitely had more than a few cups and a good sake does not give hang-overs or headaches 🙂


Sun: to my dearest first grandchild Katy-bug, SIN is 13hrs ahead of you, thus an early greeting. Happy 15Bday and thinking of her with some pix from OK2002, SC2005 and SC2016 to remind me of how the years have gone by so quickly.

img_4058img_4061When Linn was 15 in 1989, we were living in FL/USA and that was the Bday I dropped her Bday cake – for real. Thank goodness we could just zip to then ‘Goodings’ around the corner and Abracadabra…

When I was 15 in 1965, I was sent off to boarding school on my own, flying from SIN to Dublin/Ireland with a short lay-over in London.


Happy early Bday (1day early, as I will be flying off tomorrow) to Yoshie. Introduced her to our neighbourhood food-joint@MT. Tkx for dropping by for the taste of her family’s jasmine tea cookie and to Audrey (who stumbled upon us!) for the rojak.


Tkx for dinner to Jo. Celebrated by sharing 4different slices of cakes (Tiramisu, StrawberryShotcake, Chocolate and Hazelnut, all good) from Rive Gauche Patisserie@I12**** This is the seldom time I could actually taste the coffee, brandy and Mascarpone here. Mike prefers the Bengawan Solo Ongoi Ubi. His nephew made these pineapple tarts and are still not up to my taste buds. The filling is good but the pastry lacks the umph…



18 Jan 2017 – As To Pianist 

Mon:  a thousand thanks/tusen takk for all the Bday wishes. Am totally blessed and overwhelmed by the kind words from thoughtful family&friends all over the world, flashing back many fond memories from each and every one of them.

img_3908Tkx to Jo for dinner. Waiting for the bus and contemplating on a scoop of ice-cream but decided that S$5 was not worth it – the free scoop was only if you buy a meal!

The heart will probably stop if I do not change my eating habits. The signs and warnings are already there – no fear or worries about death, it is how one dies which is a concern. Having witnessed mother who died a painful death from cancer; father who had a stroke and then survived over a decade in depression after his stroke.

‘Pensjonist 🍾🌺hvert år er fantastisk 😍’. 67 is also the age when one can officially retire and collect pension in Norway! Agree with my first Norwegian girlfriend Kari about being a pensionist.


Tue: good to be able to introduce Carmel to Glory where my favourite popiah&chendoh are served. Forgetting that the CNY preparations are in process, thus no popiah&chendoh served until the CNY celebrations are over. Apologies Carmel, will go there again when I get back from Norway. No problems as I also enjoy their Nasi Padang.

img_3850Continued to the PostO@ParkwayP to mail Bday gifts to Ellie&Linn. S$4 for surface-mail is affordable but will take anytime from 1-2months! Making a note of the date being sent to check when they will get to their destination.

To MtE collecting package and medical reports. Yeah, bus-fares are lowered 1-7cents.


15966172_10154486249936971_8883899058439915649_nWed: Happy Birthday dear grandniece SunSun. Returned to Glory to get some CNY cookies (Suji and Almond cookies) to pack to Norway – no, not pineapple tarts! The best ones are by Suriati (Yulis mom), and yes I have tested the ones in Glory+many others.

Another good ones are from SC Sia’s friend in KCH. Will keep on tasting to see if any others can measure up to them. Have requested for pix to edit and update here.


Yesterday and today are not Fri 13! but what bad luck for these ppl driving. Carmel got a warning for punching in the wrong time in her parking coupon, and today an accident happens right in front of me. Walking from GloryEastCoastRd to JooChiat Rd junction, happily snapping pix and stopping at a side-road (opp I12) to look out for traffic before crossing…


whamm-bang – this poor delivery guy was sitting on the sidewalk holding on to his leg and the driver got out of the car. Approached him to ask if he was hurt and if an ambulance or the police should be summoned. Others too came to see if they could help. They settled among themselves and I provided them my contact in case a witness is needed.

img_3945Continued to my bus-stop on JoChiatRd. Saw the police car from the bus-stop while waiting, so things were under control. These trucks are just parked on this narrow street and if I can recall, I wrote in 2014 voicing my concerns about the traffic in this area.

Am NOT going out the next few days.

The ideal man bears the accidents of life with dignity and grace, making the best of circumstances – Aristotle

Weekend Of Reunions

16 Jan 2017 – New Friends & Bday Celebrations

e01ecd44408a52b7d7b6537766fd224dFri: if you are unable to pronounce or spell Paraskevidekatriaphobics, then you are safe 🙂 TGIF this Fri 13th and do not let superstitions and old wives tales cross and affect your life journey. Have a wonderful weekend.

Learnt another acronym, tkx to Lucy –  The current hip phrase for these never ending inexplicable events in life is VUCA or vulnerable unexpected complex ambiguous.


Sat: welcome Sara, Anders and their lovely baby from Norway to SIN. They will be here for the next 6months and hope that their stay and experiences will be good. Introduced them to the bus & MRT system, but could only handle the CBD on a weekend – LauPaSat and MBFC/LeVeL33 are quiet places where you can at least hear yourself!


Appreciations for reunion dinner at Daisy. Hotpots/steamboats, like fondue where you cook your own food is popular for reunions. The soup at the end is my favourite part of the meal.


Tkx Daisy for all the Disney gifts. Have been wanting one of these pocket-watch since I read Alice in Wonderland.


Sun: Happy Bdays to Angie, Joshua and me! How is one supposed to feel when 67 hits you??? Flashback pix from 1950 with mother in SIN, 1984 with L&M in Norway, 2014 with my immediate family in US, grandchildren ranging from ages 5-15.


Thank you for these calendars which are what I always want when asked by L&M for a wish-list! 2002/1st grandchild, Katy; 2011/6th and the youngest grandchild Olai.

Everything happens kind of the way it’s supposed to happen, and we just watch it unfold. And you can’t control it. Looking back, you can’t say, ‘I should’ve… ‘ You didn’t, and had you, the outcome would have been different – Rick Rubin

Tkx to Lee&Adeline and SunSun for surprise-lunch and cakes. So thoughtful of them to remember. Made my day.


Dinner@Imperial Treasure Super Peking Duck*****Asia Square. Perfect location at the MBFC/CBD where there are NO crowds. Appreciations to family who knows me so well 🙂 The duck and duck noddles were yummy (even enough to doggy-bag for a lunch the next day) and the Bamboo clam was excellent.


1st Lo-Hei before the Rooster crows its presence! Thank you to all my guardian angels – am truly blessed for a life with constant celebrations, giving thanks to everyone and everything crossing life journey.

After all, tomorrow is another day – Margaret Mitchell/Gone with the Wind


12 Jan 2017 – In Chinatown


Mon: waiting for a delivery from FedEx who is unable to pin down for morning or afternoon. As it is the delivery did not arrive until 1630hrs. On days like these and many others, playing the piano for the host of guardian angels and minions who are my greatest audience!


Headed into Chinatown late afternoon via KeongSaik Rd to take pix before and after the sunset. Stumbled upon some happenings at the Sri Layan Sithi Vinayagar Temple (1925).

The diversity of churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, etc where all can worship without fear of the differences is what makes SIN so unique. There are 10+places of worship just in Chinatown itself.


Hawker Chan of one-Michelin-starred Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle has new location with AC@Smith St – for S$4.50 it was OK. But certainly NOT worth the 30mins waiting in line. Personal preference for taste is still Chiew Kee@Upper Cross St.


Before sunset…


Let there be lights…


A Mon night and nearly 3weeks away from CNY in Chinatown thinking that it would be less crowded, but of course crowd is also relative but to me, this is a crowd! Hopefully crowds mean good business and sincerely do wish all vendors abundance business for the Year of the Rooster.


Tue: tkx to Suriati for catching up, milkshake@BugisMcD and for the best yummy pineapple tarts. Unfortunately she does not make them for sale as she used to. Good of Seb to spare an evening for reunion dinner@First Stop Food Junction/Queen St.

Wed: a busy morning starting with app at MtE, continuing to Takashimaya to pick up a book@Kinokuniya.


SIN Tourist Board to pick up info and this place has changed since the last visit – do not even remember when the last visit was, at least a decade ago?


There is even an eatery there now, but did not try it.


Thu: there are some interesting houses on Mountbatten Rd and have been trying to capture a decent pix of this sculpture when on bus196 double-decker. Somehow, either the bus is moving too fast, the windows are not clear or the weather does not cooperate! So far these are the best. Will keep trying! Tkx to sis Jo for dinner.


Footprints will disappear on earth, but seemingly not on the moon! I wonder if it is also such for other planets?

We walked on the moon. We made footprints somewhere no one else had ever made footprints, and unless someone comes and rubs them out, those footprints will be there forever because there’s no wind ― Frank Cottrell Boyce, Cosmic

First 2017 TGIF

8 Jan 2017 – And There Will Be 51More TGIF…


Fri: good morning from SIN – TGIF, the 1st for 2017. Sunrise and an hour later. Living in the city or anywhere else have both advantages and disadvantages. Where ever you may be and whatever you do, live life in the present with constructive and positive attitudes. Have a wonderful weekend.


Outside the back/kitchen window is the 3-storey car-park roof garden. 4beautiful Yellow birds are regular visitors here, but have not managed to capture any shots of them. Should sit quietly at the gardens with my camera oneday and hope to see them! At least this Lonesome Dove made my day for a few seconds 🙂


Great to catch up with Catherine&Lee for T@PS Cafe/Paragon and this time with the CNY trimmings. Welcome back to SIN. Good of Ivy to join us.


A pleasure to meet with this young family who are friends of Catherine’s son. Jacob is an adorable 13months baby. Appreciations to SiewKing&Jog for coffee and Key-Lime pie.


Checking out the happenings of the bright colourful CNY decorations and trimmings@Paragon. 


Was surprised to see David Gerstein’s works@Paragon, not that I can afford to buy! but do like his colourful works. Those who are not aware – SIN tallest sculpture, Momentum (2007) adjacent to One Raffles Quay is by Gerstein.


Like these white plates and the gilded bowl with tree motif, but do not need any more stuff, as it is, am trying to get rid of stuff. These pix do not justify the proper 3D effect – should have taken them at different angles, but did not want to risk breaking them.


Pleasant life entertainment, but nowhere to sit for appreciation. After 2+hrs on the feet in a mall was enough for me, overwhelmed by stuff. Could have gone outside, but thoughts of the heat and the crowds were enough to kept me indoors!!!


Dinner@Crystal Jade Golden Palace*****where there are no complains as far as food and service are concerned here. Was not even aware that this location is a 2016 Michelin One * Restaurant until today.


Tkx to Les for this Tasmanian wine, excellent with the appetizer of Crispy Belly Pork and Deep-fried Silver Fish, my favourite place for these appetizers.


Triple Braised Duck-wing, Octopus&Beancurd (no pix), Pomfret, Chilled Yellow-Crab, Gai Choy (Chinese mustard greens),


Baked Lamb Rack with red wine&black pepper (moist and tender), Lobster with noddles (excellent) and refreshing Osmanthus Flower Jelly with Wolfberries for dessert. Many Tkx to Catherine&Lee for dinner.

Did not manage to capture all the dishes and some of the food pix are downloaded here. Too much food and had to doggy-bag the last dish which was one of the best breakfast I had 🙂


462aaae422be52676f6b9e5791af3a93Sat: still cleaning, clearing the mess and rubbish from 2016. Some bags packed and ready for charity collection and other ready to thrash – one cannot go far with too much excess baggage and at the same time, I have and need to desperately work on my excess weight in the body too! Excess baggage in every ways are never good news…

New York Simon Garfunkel Concert

3above pix downloaded. For me, this is still the best of all the Sound of Silence even after 5+decades. Clear your mind and listen to some of the most meaningful lyrics!


Sun: have been trying to get a decent shot of this house when on bus 196. Here on a moving double decker bus and OK weather, but still not how I like it. The giant sculpture of the feet is not clear enough!

Tkx to Les&Ivy for a hot-pot dinner, considered my first CNY reunion dinner.

The Future TEL

5 Jan 2017 – Thompson East Line

image001-copyMon: even an Ox needs to rest for next few days to quiet the body, mind&soul before meeting the Rooster!

ATTITUDE is everything.

It doesn’t matter how your day has gone; always go with your head held high. Plucked, pounded, mistreated, overworked but still with dignity and grace.

Tue: today is when most in SIN are back to work and school, thus the year of 2017 starts the first blank page of a 365pp book! Write a good one and in my case, updating this blog regularly so that I can look back with fond memories. Hopefully dementia will not find its way here too quickly…

Interesting – I wonder if this incurable condition also effects those who are part of the heavy traffic-jams daily?

to-do-list-nothing-on-lazy-dayThe beauty and irony of it all is that most of the last 2days were spent vegetating and watching cheesy brainless movies to switch off, not thinking or remembering any of the movies or anything else at all 🙂

I wonder if that will also contribute to dementia??


Tkx to CC for the bones, etc from the Christmas bash. After sawing the bones in half (to get most of the marrow), boiling for a day and straining away the fats, a most delicious stock is ready. The saying, as dry as a bone is indeed very appropriate.

img_3662Wed: hump-day, usually a day for omelette with wilted herbs – tasty and nutritious in addition to not wasting of foods after a weekend of fresh herbs. Do not use any forms of oil or butter, etc but a non-stick pan.

Teflon, also known as polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is supposed to be not good, but when used properly it is considered OK.


Was enjoying this morning’s fresh air with all the windows opened (seldom) under 30C pleasant temperatures until the pounding and drilling started, this time just below in the playground. Amazing, whatever that drilling was about? it was sealed, completed and washed by the end of the day – tkx to our foreign workers.


Advantage that there will be a MarineTerrace MRT Station, now under construction just around the corner – disadvantage, the endurance of noise and dust for the next 7yrs! C’est la vie.


Looking forward to having a MRT station just around the corner, but in the meanwhile will have to live with the constructions and dust – as long as I am not yet dust 🙂


The Project Information Centre is but only a few steps from me and they did a good job in this location.  The posters and models are informative and well-done. Est date of completion – 2024.

Julie who is friends and ex co-workers with both Clem & Aud is preparing for a trip to Island and Norway and needs some info. Did not have much here in SIN, but must remember to get her some maps, etc when back in OSL.

johnmosaicheadshot2shrpThu: profile pix downloaded from stuff that needs to be said – John Pavlovitz. A worth-while and interesting read.

On the Day I Die – Don’t let your life be stolen every day by all that you’ve been led to believe matters, because on the day you die, the fact is that much of it simply won’t.

Yes, you and I will die one day.

But before that day comes: let us live.

Today, the 12th Day of Christmas is when all the Christmas trimmings will be down and packed away. No CNY deco for the Year of the Rooster, but will certainly snap enough shots in Chinatown to make up for it!

Welcome 2017

1 Jan 2017 – Reflections of 2016

Fri: the last TGIF and the last Friday for 2016. A pleasant stroll after the rains around PeckSeah St (Chinatown), usually just rushing thru’ here and forgetting how charming it can be with the contrast with the old and new.

Edited 5Jan –  this just turned up in the news, so do pay a visit to this Red Dot Design before May this year!


Thank you Lucas for these lovely napkins from Japan. How kind and thoughtful of him to remember that I like them – perfect for my tea-ceremony and also for a dinner table setting for 6. Tkx to Jo for dinner.


Sat: as I was thinking of taking a day to reflect on 2016, JohnM shared this FB posting and reality hits! Must try to even work harder to keep the mind clear and open.

Medical examination28d6684dd15ac3106b92595a86d9e0bb

A year ago E1 was on the drawing board and now it is KIV, well at least until the heart can beat regularly again! Nothing on the board for now until the ablation heart procedure is over, even though the chances are high (50-70%) that Afib will continue or return, but still must just give it a try.

Besides the passing of 4thAuntie, AuntieKwok, Marlene, royalty and many celebrities, 2016 passed by quickly with the usual travels to be with family and friends in USA&Norway. Also has been a busy year with overseas guests – catching up with family&friends who were either staying with me or just travelling via SIN.


Completed 2bucket list hikes: GreenCorridor – SIN (25k) and TrollTunga – Norway (23k).


img_3658Sun: out with 2016 and in with 2017. An optimist stays up until mid-night to see the new year in; a pessimist stays up to make sure the old one leaves – I am neither as I prefer my sleep 🙂

Spontaneous visit from AudreyW and we managed to ring in 2017 with this bottle of sparkling sake; the bubbles were perfect for the occasion – tkx Aud. Great to catch up and life is full of pleasant surprises!

Tonga is the first to ring in 2017 at 10:00 GMT on December 31 2016.

Sat 11:00              New Zealand

Sat 13:00-15:15  Australia

Sat 15:00              Japan & South Korea

Sat 15:30              North Korea

Sat 16:00              China, Philippines, Singapore

Sat 17:00              Most of Indonesia

Sat 17:30              Myanmar and Cocos Islands

Sat 18:00              Bangladesh

Sat 18:15              Nepal

Sat 18:30              India and Sri Lanka

Sat 19:00              Pakistan

Sat 19:30              Afghanistan

Sat 20:00              Azerbaijan

Sat 20:30              Iran

Sat 21:00              Moscow/Russia

Sat 22:00              Greece

Sat 23:00              Germany

Sun 00:00             United Kingdom

Sun 02-3:00         Brazil

Sun 03:00             Argentina, Paraguay

Sun 03:30-8:00   USA, Canada

Sun 09:00             Alaska

Sun 10:00             Hawaii

Sun 11:00             American Samoa

Sun 12:00             US outlying islands (Baker Island, Howland Island etc)

Finally with the whole world (last country to join, Baker Island) in sync into 2017, hopes for a World United in Peace and Goodwill is on top of the wish-list.

Sometimes you can only find Heaven by slowly backing away from Hell – Carrie Fisher/Wishful Drinking.

2 – Happy Bday Darryl

5 – Happy Bdays Gerald  & Leonard

6 – Happy Bday Cindy

9 – Happy Bdays Judy & Lee

10 – Happy Bday KeeYang

15 – Happy Bdays Angie  & me!

18 – Happy Bday Isabelle (SunSun)

19 – Happy Bday Kari

21 – Happy Bday Michael

22 – Happy Bday Katy

24 – Happy Bdays 15thUncle  and Ole K