First 2017 TGIF

8 Jan 2017 – And There Will Be 51More TGIF…


Fri: good morning from SIN – TGIF, the 1st for 2017. Sunrise and an hour later. Living in the city or anywhere else have both advantages and disadvantages. Where ever you may be and whatever you do, live life in the present with constructive and positive attitudes. Have a wonderful weekend.


Outside the back/kitchen window is the 3-storey car-park roof garden. 4beautiful Yellow birds are regular visitors here, but have not managed to capture any shots of them. Should sit quietly at the gardens with my camera oneday and hope to see them! At least this Lonesome Dove made my day for a few seconds 🙂


Great to catch up with Catherine&Lee for T@PS Cafe/Paragon and this time with the CNY trimmings. Welcome back to SIN. Good of Ivy to join us.


A pleasure to meet with this young family who are friends of Catherine’s son. Jacob is an adorable 13months baby. Appreciations to SiewKing&Jog for coffee and Key-Lime pie.


Checking out the happenings of the bright colourful CNY decorations and trimmings@Paragon. 


Was surprised to see David Gerstein’s works@Paragon, not that I can afford to buy! but do like his colourful works. Those who are not aware – SIN tallest sculpture, Momentum (2007) adjacent to One Raffles Quay is by Gerstein.


Like these white plates and the gilded bowl with tree motif, but do not need any more stuff, as it is, am trying to get rid of stuff. These pix do not justify the proper 3D effect – should have taken them at different angles, but did not want to risk breaking them.


Pleasant life entertainment, but nowhere to sit for appreciation. After 2+hrs on the feet in a mall was enough for me, overwhelmed by stuff. Could have gone outside, but thoughts of the heat and the crowds were enough to kept me indoors!!!


Dinner@Crystal Jade Golden Palace*****where there are no complains as far as food and service are concerned here. Was not even aware that this location is a 2016 Michelin One * Restaurant until today.


Tkx to Les for this Tasmanian wine, excellent with the appetizer of Crispy Belly Pork and Deep-fried Silver Fish, my favourite place for these appetizers.


Triple Braised Duck-wing, Octopus&Beancurd (no pix), Pomfret, Chilled Yellow-Crab, Gai Choy (Chinese mustard greens),


Baked Lamb Rack with red wine&black pepper (moist and tender), Lobster with noddles (excellent) and refreshing Osmanthus Flower Jelly with Wolfberries for dessert. Many Tkx to Catherine&Lee for dinner.

Did not manage to capture all the dishes and some of the food pix are downloaded here. Too much food and had to doggy-bag the last dish which was one of the best breakfast I had 🙂


462aaae422be52676f6b9e5791af3a93Sat: still cleaning, clearing the mess and rubbish from 2016. Some bags packed and ready for charity collection and other ready to thrash – one cannot go far with too much excess baggage and at the same time, I have and need to desperately work on my excess weight in the body too! Excess baggage in every ways are never good news…

New York Simon Garfunkel Concert

3above pix downloaded. For me, this is still the best of all the Sound of Silence even after 5+decades. Clear your mind and listen to some of the most meaningful lyrics!


Sun: have been trying to get a decent shot of this house when on bus 196. Here on a moving double decker bus and OK weather, but still not how I like it. The giant sculpture of the feet is not clear enough!

Tkx to Les&Ivy for a hot-pot dinner, considered my first CNY reunion dinner.